Objectives And Functions Performed By The CERT-In Empanelled Auditors

For any information technology company, it is essential to have their application and systems assessed and validated by the external CERT-In empanelled auditors. These auditors perform the audit for the different security parameters to enable the organization in making applications and systems robust. This ensured that their sensitive data is prevented them from cyber-attacks.

Every organization for its growth and development needs to protect its confidential and sensitive data. For this purpose, they need to have robust applications and software to protect these crucial details. Every country has a computer emergency response team (CERT) that has experts that help organizations by protecting against the threats caused by cyber security. In India, this organization is named as CERT-In and it functions under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Different Objectives Undertaken by the CERT-In Auditors:

The main aim of the CERT-In empanelled auditors is to enhance cyber security in our country. For fulfilling this aim the different objectives defined and performed by these auditors include:

Preventing the cyber-attacks targeting the country’s cyberspace,

Providing a response to the cyber-attacks that lead to minimizing the damage. This helps in reducing the time required for recovery while minimizing the vulnerability towards the cyber-attacks,

Helps to enhance the level of cyber awareness amongst the citizens,

Functions performed by the CERT-In empanelled auditors:

The CERT-In has a separate panel for IT security Auditing organizations. This panel performs the various testing like the vulnerability assessment and the penetration tests for the computer systems, applications, networks, etc. within the organizations that are included under the scope of the Indian Government and in other sectors of the Indian economy. The CERT-In empanelled auditors carry out the different tasks for determining the effectiveness of their information security controls. The different functions performed by these auditors include:

The CERT-In auditor collects, analyze, and shared the information on the different cyber incidents happening in India,

Forecasting and alerting regarding the cyber incidents,

Taking emergency measures while handling the cyber security incidents,

Play an important role in coordinating the cyber incident response activities,

Issuing guidelines and advisories with relation to the best procedures and practices for information security, prevention, reporting of the cyber incidents, etc.,

Consider any other functions regarding cyber security.

The functions performed by the empanelled auditor organization include reviewing IT security policy, testing different security systems like an information system, technology security, process security, application security, communication security, wireless security, physical security, etc.

Author Bio: Priya Arora is a 40-year-old CERT-In empanelled Auditor. She has expertise in conducting information security audits like vulnerability assessment services, penetration testing services, etc. for government organizations for the last 10 years.

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