Obsolete Electronic Component Coming To End-of-life?


World today is converting the dependency of living on electronics which is resulting in faster and quicker electronic changes and a new production of the parts. Thus, making the older one use less or bringing them to End-Of-Life. The problem of older ones becoming outdated and useless quickly brings producers to the distributor of obsolete electronic components.

Obsolete components supplier eliminates the economic cost incurring frequently to the producer for making quick changes and further also converts best out of waste from the obsolete electronically components parts. This leaves us with the question ‘where to find a trustworthy obsolete components distributor?’ answer to the question is GreenTree Electronic.

GreenTree Electronics is one of the leading and trustworthy obsolete electronic components distributor. GreenTree Electronics is also an independent distributor and representative with reliable and authenticated obsolete Electronic components serving with quality inspection along every purchase order and many other value-added services.

GreenTree Electronics is an obsolete electronic component supplier that has a service license agreement with white horse laboratories for testing and authentication of obsolete electric components. Also, working after 20 years of experience in the electronic industry they provide excellent servicing to many global industries, including defense, communication, and medical as well as industrial.

Many other obsolete component distributors provide obsolete components in a non-functional state but working with GreenTree Electronics distributor provides a function-fit-form warranty to their customers after lab testing and proper communication making it smooth before any transactions. Lab testing includes visual inspection, X-Ray, electrical and functional testing, anti-static vacuum packaging, re-reeling, and more.

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