OHM vs Golden Harvest

If you’ve been in the tobacco community long enough, you’d agree Golden Harvest is an industry leader. These products are in practically all top tobacco outlets. However, due to increasing demands for the products, some of its flavors can be scarce, except for top online tobacco shops like Smokers Outlet Online.

Why OHM?

Chicago-based OHM tobacco manufacturers, Intercontinental Trading USA Inc., Illinois, enjoy desirable goodwill in the tobacco industry. From their customer’s reviews, you can tell they offer good value for money. Also, they have been consistent with quality over the years.

The US-regulated products offer a proper burn, lovely flavors, and long-lasting smoke. Here are some features that stand OHM out of its competition:


OHM tobacco, like Golden Harvest, is available in different flavors. For instance, if you love the feel of the Golden Harvest tubes 200 ct. Blue 100 mm, the OHM Pipe Tobacco 1 1b. Turkish Red is a thoughtful alternative. You can also find many satisfying tastes, including Bold, Natural, Blue, Silver, Gold, Menthol, and Turkish Yellow.


Products like Golden Harvest tubes 200 ct. Blue 100 mm is a favorite for its affordability. Interestingly, OHM products also come cheap, offering top value for money. To save even more, consider sourcing your products from online tobacco stores like Smoker’s Outlet Online. They offer good discounts and bonuses.


For tobacco, preservation is a significant concern for manufacturers. How much you can preserve the products after a purchase depends on the packaging. If the packing does not protect your herbs from degrading agents, expect a short shelf life.

With their wealth of experience in the tobacco production niche, OHM makers offer one of the best packing solutions in the industry. They pack their products for delivery in a long-lasting tear-proof bags, which helps boost your smoke shelf life, protecting against moisture.

Final Notes

Indeed, Golden Harvest has made a name for itself in the tobacco industry. However, some other products have similar great products with competitive quality and overall value. OHM is one such company that has earned the trust of many experienced smokers.

These alternatives are available in tobacco outlets both online and offline. If you’re still unsure exactly where to look for your tobacco products, Smokers Outlet Online, think Smoker’s Outlet Online. They have a great lot of products at competitive rates. See here to log into the world of tobacco products.

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