Ok look I feel you. For real I get it

There’s no way to tell. What? Glad mounts may be netherdrakes that were armored. There are two sources for WOW Classic TBC Gold netherdrakes.

The skytongue mounts, the kara mount as well as talbuks, ashes, flying machines, and one called a hoppygryph. They all had distinctive models, with the only exception being the kara mount, which was basically the horse with fangs.

Ok look I feel you. For real I get it. However it is true that TBC reps feel meaningful. If you do it once, you’ll get access to the heroics you’re looking for. There are some items that can be extremely valuable in the event of repeating it, which is why some aren’t able to be replaced.

It’s exactly. The Frenzied Feltalon is very tinny when its just a color change of two mounts you already have. The mere change in color does not make up the enormous difference in difficulty. There are numerous colours for mounts that blend together, so you don’t have to buy WOW TBC Classic Gold worry about which you own. The worth of the crazy mount is actually reduced when they are so closely tied. This is because the value a freebie mounted has cannot increase, even though it may look unusual.

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