On-Demand Delivery App – Crucial Advantages, App Development Cost, and Feature-Set

The on-demand delivery industry has seen many entrepreneurs and their business brands. Out of these many brands, a few have succeeded and are still in the market. Whereas, a few others did not make it to the top. So, before you launch your brand in the industry, you need to obtain a complete outline of the market demands and how you can succeed instantly. A few stats on the on-demand delivery app market is specified below:

Burson-Marsteller, a public relations and advertising service company, conducted a survey on the on-demand market:

More than 86.5 million people in the US have made use of an on-demand delivery app solution.

The number of people who have provided service via an on-demand app is around 45 million.

51% of the brand owners who offered service via the app stated that their financial status improved.

Around 51% of the people providing service are under the age of 35, and more than 41% of them live in urban areas.

According to Intuit, a financial services company,

Around 70% of the people who work with the app are satisfied with their jobs, and more than 81% of them plan to continue their work with the app.

To earn a supplemental income, more than 63% of workers are working with the on-demand sector.

Almost 46% of the people are working with this industry because of the flexible work schedule.

More than 33% of workers are working with more than one platform, and only 11% of the people are working with these platforms because they do not have a job.

Why do people choose online services over the traditional method?

There are a few major elements that make people prefer the online delivery service over the old school way of going to the store and picking up products or any items.

App experience:

The app provides an engaging and convenient experience, and users seem to enjoy it. It avoids travel to the store and the expenses it involves. They can view any product, compare items, and get it delivered in no time to their homes. Pictures of the products are also available in the app. So, the experience that the app provides is also one of the major factors due to which people lean towards online services.
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