On-Lift Air Powered Landing Gears Improve Driver Hiring & Operation Productivity

Air-powered landing gear automation On-Lift 2000 and 2000 HD produced by Patriot Lift Company is gaining popularity among the truck drivers all over the world. These two landing gears helping truck drivers reduce workers compensation costs, and improve driver hiring, alongside operational productivity. The best thing is – On-lift landing gear automation removes the need for drivers to crank trailer legs into position.

One the other hand, these two air-powered landing gears are the most effective and reliable patented landing gear automation in the present market. As you know the use and maintenance of manual landing gears are very troublesome and risky, keeping in m mind, to make the application easier advanced technology has come up with air-powered landing gear automaton for the trucking industry.

On-Lift Air Powered Landing Gear

Get hold of technologically advanced trailers for safety and reducing workers compensation and improve driver hiring by using air powered landing gear automation and automated On-Load stabilizer gears from Patriot Pneumatic Lift Systems. Needless to mention, anything that is/are automatic can reduce the workload, so to landing gears, like On-lift 2000 and on-lift 2000 HD produced by PATRIOT LIFT CO LLC.

Pros of Using On-lift 2000 and on-lift 2000 HD

Needless to say, these days, almost everywhere we see, we are met with the sight of technology or the other that not only easing out the work process but also simplifying the complex, time-consuming things. You may think that science and technology just things that have come out during the gradual evolution of humankind. Isn’t it? But the thing is – it was actually science that dragged human beings out of the caves and propelled us towards the skies. Let’s discuss the pros of using air-powered landing gear automations produced by PATRIOT LIFT CO LLC.

The pros of using On-Lift landing gear automation are many. It is one of the most effective and reliable patented landing gear automations on the market worldwide. The air powered automation is capable of raising and lowering landing gear in less than 10 seconds. There is virtually no maintenance required.

Actually, the air power is delivered from the Emergency Brake System, so you don’t need other auxiliary power to run it. The motors have been tested to over 30,000 cycles under load with no failures. It is robust and durable.

Advantages of Using On-lift 2000 and on-lift 2000 HD

These two landing gear automation systems ensure significant reduction in workers compensation and other insurance costs. They improve driver hiring and retention or senior truck driver retention. The very best thing is – the potential revenue increase of $100,000 Per Year or something greater per trailers

You will see significant reduction in equipment damage. Thus, improve the efficiency of parking trailers by 20 percent. Virtually no upkeep is needed. The next best thing is, these air powered landing gear automation help eliminating injuries and save on works compensation.

Summing Up

Patriot Lift is here to help tucking industry reduce the rate of accidents and injuries caused whilst freight transportation. The On-lift 2000 and on-lift 2000 HD are fully automated and air operated, designed in a way, that it’s quite simple to install as well as operate for both men and women truck drivers. If you are looking for air-powered landing gear automation system to improve driver hiring, these two landing gears could be your choice.

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