On top of lung diseases, smoking can cause poor vision, premature aging

Smoking is becoming very common all around the world and it doesn’t seem the popularity will go down anytime soon. The tobacco industry is growing by leaps and bounds. There are new brands coming in every year and cater to the needs of ever growing cigarette lovers. Smoking cigarettes have a lot of bad effects on your health and it can even kill you. Once you start smoking getting addicted to it is very common as there is lot of harmful chemical used in them.

The blank cigarette boxes are a common choice among all the customers as they look appealing. It is easy to organize the cigarettes inside these boxes. Tobacco and nicotine have bad effects on your brain and you will get addicted in no time. It is not easy to quit smoking as the withdrawal symptoms you get are not easy to bear. Here are some bad effects of smoking that every smoker should know:

Lung cancer and heart disease

Lung cancer is quiet common among smokers and it can even lead to death. Your breathing issues will increase and you may suffer from unexplainable cough. The chances of survival for such a patient are extremely low so it is better to be careful. It is not surprising that smoking can affect every part of the body. Your heart will be affected and some arteries maybe blocked and less oxygen will be given to the vital organs. Both these issues can cause death even at a young age.

Stroke and cancers

The harmful effects of smoking are never ending .Most of the smokers are prone to strokes as smoking can badly effect the health of your brain. When there is not enough blood supply for your brain it will not function well. If the brain cells are deprived of oxygen it can lead to a stroke, slurred speech and even paralysis. Stroke is one of the most common reasons of death among smokers. Bad effects of smoking should give the smokers a good lesson so they can think about quitting it. There are over 10 types of cancers that smokers may have. Colon, cervix, live, stomach and pancreas cancer are deadly. If smokers don’t quit or lessen their quantity it can have very bad effects on overall body.

Asthma and bad vision

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that makes breathing difficult for people. It becomes hard for the air to move in and out of your lungs making them prone to many issues. The smoke of cigarette and various harmful particles like tobacco will irritate the passage of your lungs. It is a serious health condition and smoking will only make it worse. When you are under the influence of intoxication your vision will be affected badly. It is not wise to drive in such condition as it can lead to an accident. You will realize that your concentration level go down when you are smoking a lot of cigarettes during the day. If you don’t stop smoking at the right time your eyes can even go blind. Most of the smokers are at a risk of blindness as they are advancing the age of 65.

Reproductive problems for women

Women who are regular smokers may find it difficult to conceive a baby. The egg will not properly fertilize in the uterus making things difficult for women. When the fertility is reduced it is hard to have a baby all your life. It is always better to smoke in moderation as things can get out of control if you don’t change your habit. It is also observed that even if women give birth the baby is normally premature or sick. When you are smoking while being pregnant, there are high chances that your baby will be unhealthy. Most of the brands like to print informative details and warnings on the cigarette boxes. They can purchase quality boxes at affordable rates from empty cigarette boxes.The packaging company will help you with branding as well.

Common cause of aging in men and women

Smoking has become a common cause of premature aging among men and women. According to a latest research people who smoke are prone to aging much before they reach their old age. Your skin will become dehydrated and lose all the freshness. Smoking can change the way your teeth and hair look. The strength of your body, bones and muscles are also in for a toss if you don’t get rid of this bad habit. Your skin will become loose and saggy and the puffiness under the eyes is also common among smokers. Smoking all deprives your skin from oxygen and even to the skin color. There is a visible change in the skin tone and according to dermatologist it can start in youth itself.

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