On what basis do parents choose Global Indian International School as the best school in Dubai?

Education has leaped to new highs in the 21st century – both in terms of syllabus and delivery of the syllabus. With the advent of new-age learning techniques, schools need to adopt modern technology into everyday teaching.

Schools that cater to Generation Z, must have specially designed, dedicated facilities that provide rich learning experiences and create higher levels of engagement among students for deeper mental benefits. However, as a parent whose child is soon going to start preschool, you would have been researching the best school in Dubai for too long. Well, the struggle is quite real.

Several international schools in Dubai have a well-defined preschool, but what makes Global Indian International School the best among all, and what parameters parents can seek for in a good school? 

Here are the top 4: 

Outstanding facilities for early years development 

Preschoolers need a conducive environment for their physical and mental development. While offering ample open spaces to explore nature and enjoy outdoor fun, sandpit, water play, GIIS Dubai also helps students expand their mental horizons and gather experiences to shape their worldview.

At GIIS, the teachers equip students with all the facilities and amenities including age-appropriate toys, Montessori equipment, child-friendly classrooms, and other engaging activities that keep them engaged and happy.

Striking the right balance between structured and free-environment

A good school has a highly structured environment that encourages a child to explore and satiate their curiosity. At GIIS Dubai, this is done through different playful activities which are much engaging for the child. GIIS provides the right environment which ensures this. For example, the lego bricks that are provided to the students do not just playthings, but a structured platform that allows them to think freely and use their imagination to build something new and interesting. This kind of free environment helps students to be more creative. 

Futuristic vision via school programs 

It is crucial to groom students to be modern-day learners in this day and age of digital economies. Parents would do better to choose the best school in Dubai that builds a basic foundation in students on the use of age-appropriate technologies and innovative pedagogy which trains them in the 4Cs of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

By holding an array of activities, GIIS Dubai manages to teach students these creative skills of the future. Through STEM programs for students of that age, it is easier to nudge students towards out-of-the-box thinking that naturally allow them to think and create some awesome things; followed by collaboration and communication of their ideas effectively with their classmates. A simple-story telling session through the use of props and audio-visual elements is one such example.

Stepping stone to a High school 

Most parents choose schools to prepare their children for better school life. Thus, the child has to go through the rigors of education for the next 10 years. That means choosing the best school in Dubai is an important prerequisite to shape the child’s attitude towards school, learning, and education. Making the child love the process of learning and actively participate in their development is the school’s job while giving the child an open door to a primary school which will absorb them smoothly is the parent’s responsibility. 

Why choose GIIS?

Many young parents like you have chosen GIIS school as the first school for their child. It’s been more than two decades since school at GIIS has been nurturing young learners, a large number of whom prefer to stick to GIIS for the rest of their schooling years and leave the school only after completing their Grade 12. Such is the satisfaction level of parents and students with GIIS that right from school until Grade 12, they rely on the institution for academic and overall growth.


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