One of the greatest benefits?

No more of that frantic patting of your pockets when the client says “Have you got a pen?”

1. Heightened Security
eSignatures are more secure than signatures collected on pdf paper because they leave a clear, electronic, audit trail. Unlike, pdf paper documents that can be very difficult to track and easily forged or altered, electronic signatures can be validated to prove that they have not been tampered with. And, with SignNow, you can even track the progress of your document to see where it is and how long it will take to get back to you.

To protect the security of eSignatures within our platform we have a 256-bit encryption key. This means that no one can see your signed documents unless they are authorized. On the other hand, wet signatures on pdf paper documents are usually seen by any number of people — mail room staff that open and sort post, colleagues walking past each others desks, visitors to your office, and so on.

So instead of plonking a wad of documents in front of clients, your sales team can just get out their iPads or Smartphones and show them the dotted line.

2. Increased Competition
With the use of eSignatures, your sales team can get signatures faster and log them all within your computer database. With this information, you can create graphs to see who is the best performing sales rep. Throw in a few incentives and you’ll create friendly competition that will see all aspects of your company improve.

Not only will you see an increase in friendly competition throughout your sales team, but also with your competitors. If you are the first of your competitors to take on electronic signing (or the first one to do it right) this will give you a professional, competitive edge like no other.


Have we convinced you yet?
Your sales team needs speed, and your clients need security — the five points above prove that eSignatures offer both of these aspects and more! So, if you want to get started with the eSignature platform that serves over 60% of the Fortune 500 then contact SignNow today!

Regardless of any new technology trend the scaning industry throws your way this year, we’re looking forward to working with you to help you address any challenges that may arise. For more on Barracuda’s storage solutions, please click here to visit our Data Protection Plus page on our corporate website.

Have you considered eSignatures?

If you like the sound of the above benefits then you need to start using a platform such as eSignatures. This pdf scanner app android can really help increase productivity and speed up your scaning cycle for the better. It’s simple to use, your customers and clients will love it, and you can stay organized right throughout the year. So what you have you got to lose?

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