One of the Most Beloved Comedy Films Nutty Professor to Get a Reboot

One of the most loved classic movies the Nutty Professor will be getting a much-anticipated reboot. Project X Entertainment has acquired rights to the slapstick comedy. The global entertainment company will also be backing Scream 5, a reboot of the cult horror/thriller franchise. However, the remake is still in the development stage. The movie will also feature all the original and principal cast members, but they take on the storyline will be completely fresh.

Nutty Professor 1963: A Classic Starring Jerry Lewis

The first Nutty Professor movie was made in 1963. It featured Jerry Lewis in the lead role and was a parody of an 1886 novella by Robert Louis Stevenson- Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A reboot starring Eddie Murphy was made more than three decades later in 1996. Murphy received a lot of positive reviews for his comic timing and his transformations into different characters of his family in the film. The popularity of the 1996 film led to a sequel four years later in 2000 Nutty Professor ll: The Klumps. According to reports, there were reports that a third installment was in development, but nothing ever materialized.

The 1963 version of the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress because it was termed as something culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant. The story of this film showcased the story of Professor Julius Kelp. The story kickstarts after a football player humiliates him and sends Kelp on a path to get in shape at a local gym. He then goes on to create a serum that turns him into Buddy Love, his alter-ego. Buddy Love’s character is portrayed as someone suave, charming, hipster, and handsome.

Nutty Professor Remake Will be Backed by Project X Entertainment Company

According to reports, the remake of the movie will be made by Paul Neinstein, James Vanderbilt, and William Sherak, all part of Project X entertainment company. In addition to this, the only piece of news available is that the reboot is in the development phase. There is still no update on the star cast and the director attached to the film.

According to reports, James Vanderbilt is serving as the producer of the film. The highly regarded individual has worked as a screenwriter for popular films such as Zodiac, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Meg. He is also working in the capacity of a producer and writer for the Scream reboot.

Nutty Professor 1996: Eddie Murphy’s Comic Portrayal of 7 Characters


Eddie Murphy’s 1996 film revolved around the storyline of his character of a university professor, Sherman Klump, an intelligent and kind man who is obese. Moving forward, the movie shows Murphy’s character developing an experimental drug for weight loss to win over the girl of his dreams. Murphy played seven roles in the film which were most of Sherman Klump’s family members except his nephew Ernie Klump Jr.

The sequel to Eddie Murphy’s Nutty Professor, Nutty Professor ll: The Klumps showed Sherman Klump creating a new formula. The formula enabled all those who took it to de-age. It also showcased Sherman falling in love with a colleague Denise Gaines. He goes on to propose to Denise but scares her off after his alter-ego “Buddy Lover” begins to take control of his body. Peter Segal directed this version.

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