One Piece: Will Tonoyasu’s Sacrifice Turn People of Wano Against Their Shogun

The leader of the Ebisu Town, Tonoyasu, who will be executed for thievery, has the eyes of the people of Wano on him. He understands this very well and is planning to use it to his advantage.  Initially, it was thought that he was Ushimitsu Kozo, a legendary thief, but it turned out to be mere fabrication. Ushimitsu was well-known for helping the poor. Even though Tonoyasu used to do the same, his real identity is tied very closely to the history of Wano.

Shogun Orochi had decided to make the execution of Tonoyasu a spectacle throughout Wano when he heard that he had the well-known phantom thief in his grip. Tonoyasu had very cunningly tricked him in doing so, as he wanted the public eye on him. He wanted to give a strong message to the people before he was executed. His statements were so impactful that they immediately led to riots and rebellion in Wano.

Tonoyasu turns out to be Yasuie Shimotsuki, who once ruled Hakumai. He surprises every important member of the rebellion with this revelation as he used to be very grim back in the day. For Ebisu’s people, he may be a beloved figure, but for Toko, he was her father. Toko can’t let the execution happen, so she tries to get to the execution spot, but Zoro does everything to ensure that this does not happen. But the people of Ebisu Town reach the Flower Capital to stop the execution. But they have to face samurai guards who are determined not to give anyone access to the execution spot.

Yasu makes a very heartwarming speech on the history of Wano. He reminds the people of its beauty back in the day and the sacrifices of workers who made everything possible. He points out how Kaido and Orochi have corrupted Wano for their selfish motives. Yasu’s words resonate deeply with the oppressed people of Wano, which seems to be the plan as it appears Yasu is sacrificing himself to ensure that the uprising spreads with more antagonism towards the Shogun.

Yasu’s speech and sacrifice seem to work out, as the speech is fueling more resentment in the people of Wano, which goes in favor of the rebellion while putting Orochi in danger. The following episode’s preview makes it very obvious that even though Yasu does not die yet, he won’t live long. His death clearly had enraged the people of Wano, but it raises a crucial question, will his sacrifice be enough to turn everyone against the current Shogun?

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Source: One Piece: Will Tonoyasu’s Sacrifice Turn People of Wano Against Their Shogun

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