One Punch Man vs My Hero Academia: Which One is Better

Super-hero anime is the most popular anime genre. Over the years their popularity has only reached newer heights and the genre has witnessed sustained success over decades now.  If we talk about the most popular anime of the past decade, it will be impossible to do so without naming some super-hero anime. Two of the most successful anime of recent years have been One Punch Man and My Hero Academia. As they are unique in their own ways it will be interesting to compare and contrast them so see which show is superior.

One-Punch Man


One-Punch Man is a Shonen anime that completely disregards how the narrative is set. Most Shonen anime follow the storyline of overwhelmed main characters who struggle to hold their own against powerful supervillains. But at the end of the day, they end up fighting back and defeat their nemesis. One-Punch Man completely turns this common storyline over its head and runs counter to the established norms. The protagonist, Saitama has the ability to kill all his antagonists with just one punch. The Hero Association is set up like a business with a ranking system. The heroes in the higher ranking get higher pay and attention. This makes it sound as if the Hero Association is a parody of all other superheroes, who are usually driven by an idea to serve others. While Hero Association is a business enterprise.


The first season of the show was a huge success and it made people expect the same level of quality entertainment in the next season as well. But the fans were set up for a huge disappointment. Season 2 of One-Punch Man was nowhere as good as the first one. The animation quality was significantly affected after a change in studios and the fights looked nowhere as good as season one. The show’s uniqueness also ended up becoming its enemy. Saitama’s ability to kill his adversaries with just one punch left little room for imagination. It became monotonous to see Saitama finish his job with such ease. The creators did try to give chance to other characters but the attempt was not successful enough to replicate the success of season 1.

My Hero Academia


My Hero Academia, like One Punch Man, does not follow the usual storyline of the genre. Deku struggles to achieve his dreams of becoming a hero. Unlike most heroes who are born with special powers, Deku is born with no powers at all. He undergoes great physical damage and overcomes many challenges to finally impress his ideal All Might, who passes on his Quirk to him. But even after getting his powers he still suffers a lot physically and psychologically. The unique spin on the usual hero story makes it an interesting show to watch.


The four season-long anime has made its place in the heart of its die-heart fans all over the world. But the show has things that are off-putting and it would be better for the creators to let go of them. The four seasons of the show have tons of flashbacks and recaps which significantly slows down the pace of the show. Although it’s very common with anime to have flashbacks, too many can be very irritating for the viewers who expect an action-packed show.

Which is better?

Both of the shows have done things in their own ways and have challenged established norms. In doing so, they have garnered a massive fan following and enjoyed huge financial success. As both the shows are one of their kind it’s a little hard to draw comparisons. One-Punch Man never really was able to replicate its success of the first season. The show struggled to pull off the same level of quality. The storyline and animation, both seemed unimpressive in the second season.

My Hero Academy stands above One-Punch Man as they have been able to sustain the same level of audience attention and interest over the years. The show has hardly struggled and fans always wait eagerly for the next season. It has been able to provide quality content and entertain the fans without failing, something which One-Punch Man can’t even do for two seasons. It is because of this big factor My Hero Academia wins the battle.

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