OnePlus Announces Crackables 2.0 with $10,000 Grand Prize

OnePlus has announced the latest version of its mobile puzzle game called Crackables 2.0. Here is how you can participate in it.

OnePlus has recently launched the latest version of the mobile game based on puzzles called Crackables 2.0. the newly launched game has multiple digital puzzles supported by the technology of Google . The newly launched mobile puzzle game has a vast range of puzzles having different difficulty levels from beginners to the experts of the game. The more exciting thing about the recently launched puzzle game is that it has a whopping cash prize too. Moreover, users can help the governments and countries in their fight against the ongoing health emergency all across the globe. OnePlus has resumed its partnership with UNIT9, who also worked for developing the first part of Crackables puzzle game. The game director of the production studio, Jakub Jakubowski, while describing the original version of the Crackables said that it was an exceptional combination of story-driven and compelling puzzle developed with the innovative use of modern technology and design.

OnePlus has also enlisted the Sleep Deprivation Lab along with UNIT9 to work on the development of the newly announced puzzle game. It is worthwhile to know that the original version of Crackables was a hugely popular game as the number of the community members taken part in the game exceeded more than half-million when it was released. However, the first Crackables did not get any release despite its popularity, but the latest version is all set to get it. Also, the challenge in the new game is very high, but it is rewarding too. The release date of the latest game is April 14, and registration to participate in the puzzle game has already began.

The players can Win a Whipping Cash as a Reward For Resolving Puzzles

The players can win a huge prize when they compete in the puzzle game after its official release. The players will have to join the competitor’s community of the game spread all across the globe. According to a statement by OnePlus, it has been told that the puzzle will remain comfortable at the beginning of the game, but as on the game, start progressing it will go on harder. The players will be allowed to advance through the next puzzle “gate” with each completed puzzle, and some players will need to form a group with other participating players. The ten winning players who will solve the last problem successfully at first will get the cash prizes.

The newly announced game is time-restricted, as was the same case in the previously launched game as the game will close on April 30 officially. Also, the puzzle game is fascinating and interesting for both casual and serious players as the casuals can play it for entertainment, and the serious can concentrate on solving the puzzles which could get them the cash prize. The announcement of the new puzzle game could be seen as the best entertainment while sitting at home as most of the people are confined to their homes due to ongoing health emergency outbreaks. The game will not only entertain them but also help them to fight with the current situation patiently.

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