OnePlus Service Centre, Delhi – What benefits do they offer?

Mobile phone repair centres have mushroomed in Delhi, in recent years. Even when it comes to the OnePlus service centre, Delhi is dotted with plenty of them. It is another matter that not all of them can be trusted. A good number of them might not have the necessary resources to do a top-notch repair. You will have to do some sleuthing to find a safe and reliable centre for OnePlus repair.

Some well-established, reputable centres offer benefits along with fixing your broken device right. Let’s take a look at the top benefits offered by them.

Same-Day Service

Today, you might find it difficult to survive even an hour without your smartphone. And, a broken device can significantly affect both your personal life and work. So, it is essential that you choose a centre that does quality repair work in the shortest time possible.  In Delhi, there are OnePlus service centres that offer same-day service. If you hand them over your smartphone in the morning, they will fix it and return it to you by evening. They usually replace the damaged battery and cracked screen within a couple of hours. However, if it is a complex problem that requires a thorough check-up – such as inner parts exposed to water – then you might not get your device back within 24 hours. Even the best centre in Delhi is likely to take 3 to 5 days, to repair a water-damaged OnePlus.

Pickup and Drop-Off Service

Some OnePlus users prefer taking the help of a newly opened repair shop in their neighbourhood than driving a long distance to reach a well-established, reliable centre. It is because it saves them from the hassle of travelling from one end to another end twice. Also, busy schedules make it difficult for some users to find the time, to visit a centre that is located far off. But, everyone wants to get their device repaired from a centre that has a team of experienced technicians who uses genuine parts.

How to get high-quality repair without driving anywhere? Well, you need to look for the one that offers pickup and drop-off service. Such a centre will send someone to your preferred location, to take your damaged OnePlus from you. After fixing it at the repair lab, the person will return to give the device back to you. When it comes to OnePlus service centreDelhi has many of them that offer the benefit of pickup and drop-off.


There is a wrong assumption that third-party repair centres do not offer a warranty on their repairs. Your neighbourhood shop might not offer it, but a reputable centre, does on almost all its repairs. The warranty shows its confidence in its fixing jobs, and it also guarantees top-quality repair. In case you experience the same problem again after the repair, you can always contact the centre and get it fixed for free.


In other cities of India, it is tough to find a reliable and safe, third-party OnePlus service centre. Delhi, however, does not have this problem. There are plenty of them, and a majority of them are easily accessible.

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