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Offshore traders are now under stress because of their dwindling consumer network. These merchants have an online e-commerce website that not only shows the details about the products, but you can also order and pay for those services.

As online casino merchants own an online casino website and to provide payment related services to their customers, they need a powerful payment processor so that they can easily receive payments and transact at the required speed.

But financial institutions classify these types of traders as high-risk traders because they attract a lot of risk factors towards them. And their fluctuating revenue puts those financial institutions in even more dilemma.

To explain it casually, we can say that casino is a platform where people bet their money to win extensive amount and also lose a lot of money when they lose a bet. But here luck, experience and your skill will decide how much you are going to get. It is for this reason that financial institutions fear the loss of their resources.

Highriskgateways are always ready to support traders like you. We offer you an online casino payment gateway that is fully customized as per your business type.

Online Casino Payment Gateway

Online casinos are platforms full of risks, and even a minor mistake can cost you enormous amounts of money.

Choice to pay

Then this online casino payment gateway is going to work at full power for you. This payment gateway allows the user to receive payments from players in the currency of your choice and your customers can pay in their own currency as well. Isn’t it hassle-free for you and your customers at the same time?

Smart UI

This online casino payment gateway comes with a smart user interface that helps the user to learn all its features faster and use them accordingly.

Multiple paying options

Now if we are talking about casino games, then of course there will be different players and hence their payment options will also be different. What would you do like this? With this payment gateway, you can facilitate them with alternative modes of payment like – UPI, Google Pay, e-Check and Debit Card. Provide your customers with the options they are comfortable with.


Millions of people are playing at the same time on an online casino platform and transactions will proceed according to the amount of players. To handle that amount of myriad transactions, this payment processor works with a great value payment service and gives you the convenience of high value transactions. This also does not much pressure your processor.

Credit card processing

If we focus on the trending options, then credit card is the most widely used mode of payment globally and this processor also allows you to accept credit card payments and it will process your credit card transactions in less than one day.

Update 24-hour

This payment keeps the user updated with every transaction that takes place on your website with the help of a 24-hour live reporting system. Also, this processor keeps your transaction records from the very beginning so that when the merchant needs access to his last few records, he can get it with no hassle.

Quick Check-in

This payment processor also provides the facility of Global card saving where your players can save their card’s details on your website once and the next time they bet on something and click on that options it will automatically deduct the amount from the player’s account faster so than the player can play continuously with no interruption.

International services

Many players complain about payment processing that when they click on the options, the amount from their side is deducted from their account, but in the artificial account of player’s ID it doesn’t show up. So, tell what can you possibly do in this situation? Don’t worry about it already? We associate this payment processor with multiple gaining banks, so issues like–payment failure, payment stuck, and site hanged won’t happen.

Secure Game play

This payment gateway provides you with overall protection from online hackers. You may not give this a thought, but online hackers are those potential people who can steal sensitive information about your clients/players and cheat them out intentionally. But with this payment processor, a 3D security is protecting your website by creating an additional layer of protection over your website and keeps away all those online intruders.

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