Online Coaching Platform – 4 Points That Make the Difference

The use of an online Coaching Platform to support the development of remote Talents continues to accelerate among companies. And this all over the world! Because it brings more flexibility and gives more autonomy to the coachees, this modality stands out as THE benchmark coaching modality.

As an HR Manager, Learning Manager, or Business Manager, you may be looking to offer your employees a remote coaching program? Perhaps you are asking yourself the question of the most suitable online coaching platform for your challenges? To help you, this article has identified 4 points that will allow you to make the right choice among the range of online coaching platforms available on the market.

1. The quality of the pool of coaches listed on the online coaching platform

The coaching profession is currently booming, with a number of professionals who have jumped by more than 34% in 4 years. It is true that if you choose to trust an Online Coaching Platform too quickly without checking the quality of the referenced coaches, you risk a strong disillusionment. The expertise of coaches is still one of the key criteria, if not the key criterion, of a quality online coaching platform. Fortunately, there are online coaching platforms that guarantee real coaching expertise. a good platform is one that provides coaches who meet strict criteria:

•    Experience in managerial and/or managerial positions within large groups
•    Sufficient hours of coaching minimum to their credit
•    A certification from a recognized school
•    A supervision regular
•    Respect for professional ethics of coaching

2. A platform that allows you to easily follow the progress and the ROI of your coaching sessions

Online coaching is a real investment for which, as an HR Manager, you expect measurable results. Indeed, when talking about professional coaching, it is considered that the coach has not only an obligation of means but also of results.

This is the reason why, if you plan to have your employees benefit from an online coaching program, be sure to check that the targeted platform allows:

•    Easily visualize the coaching objectives worked on by the coaches
•    Know the hours already worked
•    Consult the information left by the coaches regarding their satisfaction

3. The ergonomics of the online coaching platform

Online coaching increases the impact of coaching. If and only if the Online Coaching Platform you choose is technically and ergonomically efficient:

•    Talents can choose from a wide choice of coaches and coaching themes.
•    The booking of sessions is made very fluid by direct access to the agenda of the selected coach.
•    Talents can go further than just coaching sessions thanks to accessing to various resources (articles, videos, books, etc.)
•    The possibility of continuing to exchange with the coach between sessions.

4. The experience of the professional coaching company behind the online coaching platform

Choosing an Online Coaching Platform to accelerate the development of your managers is not just choosing a technically efficient tool. It also trusts a real partner in whom you can trust and who will support you at all stages of your project:

•    Co-construction of educational content
•    Selection of the coaching team
•    Project management
•    Reporting and final evaluation

To do this; rely on the experience of the target company in professional coaching. Check the references and remember that what makes the success of an online coaching program is, above all, the quality of the coaching offered!

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