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Balance, self-enquiry, and regeneration. These principles are just some of the elements that inform my life and my practice at Rebalancing Health. My name is Giovanni Ginocchio. I am a native of Liguria, Italy but also a citizen of the world. I have travelled extensively and have called Australia home since 2006, finally settling near beautiful Byron Bay.

My life journey towards understanding and pursuing the union of systems that balance our bodies, a central mission of my work at Rebalancing Health, was fostered through my love of surfing and chasing the perfect wave in beautiful locations worldwide. Online Holistic Health Coaching

California, Barbados, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, and Hawaii are just some places that taught me to respect and understand the peace and balance that surfing and the sea can provide. My life was a series of undoubtedly wonderful experiences, but when I left Italy for The Canary Islands, I experienced a catalyst that would forever change my life.

Panic attacks, brought on by the use of substances mixed with an unbalanced lifestyle forced me to face difficult times that led me on the path to discovering what would become my vocation: helping people to restore balance to their bodies and their lives. In those moments, the life-changing catalyst I underwent, I learnt that the challenges of life that we all eventually face are more similar to the ones we experience while surfing than we could ever imagine.

When the challenges ahead seem insurmountable, instilling fear and stress, there remains the underlying desire to indulge the wave, pushing us to persevere and overcome. I discovered that perhaps the love of life is similar to the love of surfing, where after the struggle comes to the joy that manifests itself in the sweet feeling of freedom when we stand up and feel the sea flowing under the board.

This freedom, balance, and holistic oneness is the feeling that I seek to provide my clients through my Rebalancing Health work.

While researching new training methods to improve my surfing performance and my own personal wellness, I discovered the CHEK Institute. Founded by Paul Chek, the CHEK Institute is recognised worldwide as a state-of-the-art centre for corrective exercising, athletic preparation, and holistic wellness.

In 2014, I attended my first Holistic Lifestyle Coaching course. I was hooked. At that moment, I knew that I had found something special that would go on to form a major part of my life journey and purpose. Over the two days of the course, I was inspired by the obvious passion and knowledge that our trainer, Donal Carr, was imparting to his students. And so, in 2015, I decided to delve deeper into this new and intriguing philosophy towards wellness and underwent the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching course, Level 2.

After years of journeying the globe, overcoming personal challenges, and discovering my passion for rebalancing wellness, I decided to spend six months of 2018 honing my craft. Within these six months, and under renowned CHEK Practitioner, Kiki Carton, I experienced my own spiritual awakening.

Kiki’s practice, which greatly informed my own, utilises the CHEK philosophy and other techniques within the CHEK Practitioner sphere. Studying and learning from Kiki is not your usual class setting, as the knowledge imparted goes beyond just the theories learnt. They dive much deeper into the waters of human experience.

Her thirty-five years of hard work, overcoming challenges, and constant practice improvement didn’t give me what I thought I had wanted out of the training. It gave me what I needed to become a greater practitioner.

It was a breakthrough, an awakening of self-belief and self-enquiry. And so, the focal mission of Rebalancing Health was born.

My studies with these various CHEK Practitioners imparted a holistic underlying philosophy that informs my work with clients at Rebalancing Health. The discipline includes six core principles, aimed at addressing and instilling holistic wellness:

– Thought & Emotion

– Breathing

– Nutrition

– Hydration

– Rest

– Regeneration

The union of these six elements not only aims to reinstate overall wellness but serves to combat stress. The number one enemy to our wellness is stress, which is, unfortunately, a major factor of modern life. It can have a boundless impact on the wellness of the human mind, which can inevitably take a toll on our bodies. Stress is the first cause of injuries; it hampers our rehabilitation and suppresses our healthy functions in the body’s natural pursuit of survival.

Our body is sent into survival mode when the central nervous system cannot recognise the origin of stress. Our body does not understand whether it is something physiological, mental, or environmental. In this way, our central nervous system accumulates everything, making daily life a struggle for many.

After all, the human body is a union of systems that works in tandem to achieve the same goal: balancing the body function to maintain homeostasis. Much like a surfer needs a working board to ride the perfect wave, our bodies need various essential elements to achieve optimal performance and health. Personal Trainer and Nutritionist near me

Throughout my life journey so far, from surfing to travelling, overcoming my personal obstacles and studying with renowned CHEK Practitioners, my major purpose in life has cumulated in employing my skills and experience to assist my clients through Rebalancing Health. I have learnt many important lessons in life, in the study, and in practice that have informed my goals with my clients and helped them achieve a greater quality of life.

My personal mission and the mission of Rebalancing Health are to use my wealth of knowledge and experience to help you regain and experience the joy of riding the waves of life by achieving balance, unity, and regeneration.

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