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Nakshatras are the Stars. In Hindu astrology, nakshatras plays very important role while doing any auspicious work. So, when it comes to marriage also Nakshatra Milan is very important. Doing any work in right and auspicious nakshatra will surely help a person to create good luck for themselves. There are total 27 nakshatras in the vedic astrology. From child’s birth to marriage, Nakshatra plays very important role.

I am Astrologer Ravi K. Shastri that is famous for letting people know about everything about What is Nakshatra?

I will provide you complete information about this so that you know the importance of nakshatra in your life. The moon is the lord or 27 nakshatras. Here is the list of the nakshatras:

  1. Ashwini
  2. Bharani
  3. Krittika
  4. Rohini
  5. Mrigashirsha
  6. Ardha
  7. Punarvasu
  8. Pushya
  9. Ashlesha
  10. Magha
  11. Purva Phalguni
  12. Uttara Phalguni
  13. Hasta
  14. Chitra
  15. Swati
  16. Vishakha
  17. Anuradha
  18. Jayeshta
  19. Moola
  20. Purva Ashadha
  21. Uttara Ashadha
  22. Shravana
  23. Dhanishta
  24. Satabhisha
  25. Purva Bhadrapada
  26. Uttara Bhadrapada
  27. Revati

These nakshtaras have different lords and characteristics. Thus, while it comes to the marriage it is important to have some compatibility in it. Marriage Matching by Nakshatra is very important for the couple who are going to married.

What is Nakshatra Matching?

In Hindu culture, matching the stars for the marriage is very important. The nakshatra porutham of both the boy and girl is checked before fixing their marriage. More the stars will match the best and the good life a couple will spend together. This is why Porutham for Marriage is very important.

One should always check that before taking the decision of marriage. Nakshatra Compatibility helps a couple to become better match of each other.

विवाह के लिए नक्षत्र मिलान

Usually many people come to me for the nakshartra Milan of their children so that they can find compatible life partner for their child. Being an astrologer for the ease of people, I also provide such services online.

This is how people can reach to me at +91-9988809986. The date of birth can help to know about the Nakshatras.

I can simply provide the nakshatra milan in Hindi. No need to worry because you can surely find the best possible match for marriage.

Nakshatra matching Calculator

Here at my website you will get the Nakshatra calculator. Just enter the nakshtra of boy and girl and you will get the complete compatibility check and find whether the couple is suitable or not.

Nakshatra milan chart helps you to get detailed information about the points which match or not. Thus, one can get a clear view of everything, which matters a lot.

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