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Prostate cancer is one of the health conditions that affect most men as they grow old. To give a brief introduction, prostate cancer occurs when the cells in the prostate gland grow exponentially and form a lump. Apart from old age, other factors that might cause prostate cancer are lack of exercise, unhealthy eating habits, smoking, use of drugs, or hereditary elements. Therefore, it is imperative that if you are a man above the age of 65, you should make sure that you visit your nearest urologist Cyprus and get your prostate checked.

Most of the times, prostate cancer is diagnosed in its early stages which gives you time to discuss your treatment options with your doctor. Your doctor would also discuss about your general health and might ask you to make certain healthy changes in your lifestyle and food. Even if your condition worsens, you need to be in the care of a team of doctors who are experienced and are the best in their field of specialty. Such a team is mostly a multidisciplinary team and is headed by an urologist. A good leader means an efficient team that can give you the best medical attention with the latest treatment options and technology. Therefore, it is crucial that you find an urologist that is highly experienced, has handled cases like these previously and has made sure that his patients get best care and stay in good health later.

The process of finding such a doctor can be tedious, but we will help you because we have got for you, Know Your Doctor, an online platform that helps you find and narrow down the best doctor in Cyprus. Since you are looking for urologist, Know Your Doctor suggests Dr. Savvas Omorphos, who has provided excellent treatment to prostate cancer Nicosia patients. You can read all about his credentials on Know Your Doctor. This platform was started in 2015 to help the people living in Cyprus find the best health care professionals and centers in a nearby region. You will find the credentials and reviews about many other highly qualified doctors just like Dr. Savvas Omorphos. Apart from doctors, Know Your Doctor also gives the contacts of nearest pharmacies from where you can buy your medicines in the hour of need. Know Your Doctor helps people know their doctor before making a visit.

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Know Your Doctor is a leading online platform that gives information about doctors who treat serious conditions like prostate cancer Cyprus.

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