Online Sexologist Consultation in Rajkot & Rajasthan

Instead of getting treatment, most individuals would rather stay silent about their problems. A sexologist is a licensed therapist who specialises in treating sexual dysfunction. The most compelling arguments in favour of getting a sexologist online consultation are as follows:

1. You lack sexual desire

If you’re experiencing similar symptoms, you don’t need someone to explain anything. If you have low sex desire, you’d rather not be physically close to your spouse. Possible causes include underlying health problems, physiological issues, drugs affecting hormone levels (in either men or women), or both. Sometimes transient states like pregnancy or nursing may cause a drop-in sex desire. But it may be time to see a therapist if it’s been going on for a while.

2. Health-related concerns

Premature ejaculation or an inability to penetrate after an erection may be frustrating sex problems for men. However, going to a sex therapist for guidance on beginning therapy is an excellent place to start. Several female health issues, including vaginal dryness, vaginismus, dyspareunia, premenstrual syndrome, and vaginal trauma, have been linked to unpleasant sexual encounters. A therapist or sexologist in Rajkot may diagnose and treat these issues. 

3. You’re feeling quite sexually aroused

Suppose you have strong sexual desires, actions, or fantasies with non-traditional stimuli. This is an actual problem, the roots likely to be found in the mind. This may result in clinically significant impairments in social, vocational, and other aspects of functioning. Seeing a sexologist is crucial in these circumstances.

4. Your sexual needs and wants are misaligned with one another

Regarding sexual matters, the two of you may have different priorities. You or your partner may have reduced sex desire due to stress, health problems, or the side effects of medications. However, talking to one another about it and seeing a sexologist in Rajasthan together is optimal. It’s more effective to seek treatment or counselling in a group rather than alone.

5. Lack of capacity for orgasm

While an inability to orgasm is relatively uncommon, the frustration it causes is real. Having an orgasm may be difficult for anybody but women and men on occasion. If you cannot enjoy and have orgasms, it is highly recommended that you see a sexologist. The mental and physical components of sexual health are important in assessing its value. 

6. You’re unsure about your sexual orientation

Because you don’t talk openly about identity, many individuals are still held captive by a label that isn’t theirs. Contacting a professional sexologist may help you overcome the stigma associated with coming out as gay or lesbian and learn to embrace your own identity. 

7. Sex is all you can think about

An underlying psychological disorder may be to blame if sexual ideas dominate one’s mind constantly, impairing one’s ability to work and socialise. Seeing a therapist or sexologist in Rajkot may help you get to the bottom of your issues. 

8. Despite your desire, you are incapable of doing it

Even when both partners want to have intercourse, the experience may be too painful or inappropriate. This red flag indicates it’s time to schedule an appointment with a sex therapist.

9. You regret engaging in sexual activity

Having sexual relations might put some people in a guilty state of mind. Possible causes include having a negative sexual encounter or being a victim of child abuse. The guilt may be resolved, and sexual relations can be improved by sexologist online consultation.


Everything may seem fine on the outside, but you’re having difficulty interacting, or the interactions are terrible. You should see a sex counsellor soon; this is another warning flag. Talk to Livlong if you’re having sexual problems. They have the greatest sexologists on staff and plenty of expertise in treating sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

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