Online Tenant Screening Services – How Helpful in Knowing Your Tenants?

Owners of many properties often find difficulties in managing them. Tenant matching service provider knows the importance of reliable tenants for you. If you want to rent your apartment or house, you simply have to complete against many of interested parties. The brokers even fail sometimes to evaluate arrays of injuries and moreover they find it time-consuming act.

Online tenant screening services have made it easy for the landlords to screen their tenants collect relevant information about them and as well make sure if they will get payment from them on time. My Tenant Match provide full online tenant screening services including credit reports, tenant background checks, and eviction history – everything that you will need to protect your investment and choose a best tenant.

My Tenant Match has been successfully providing online tenant screening services to the landlords adding them great convenience and wide accessibility into tenant background checks. In nutshell, we deliver rental history reports to the landlords and at the same time protecting consumer information in a manner reliable with the credit reporting act and applicable regulations.

Online tenant screening services are fully paperless and online. Also it’s free to sign up for an account. Accounts can be easily created and screening reports are easily delivered in a matter of minutes. The needy merely have to pay for the reports that they need. With My Tenant Match, you have the choice to pay yourselves or pass the cost of background screening onto tenants.

Landlord matching service makes it easy both for the landlord and renter in knowing each other. All of the information contained within one easy-to-read tenant background check aid landlord to know their tenants in a right manner. Having all such information about a tenant makes it easy for the landlord to make right decision.

My Tenant Match helps you in the following ways:

Broad Coverage – Millions of records covering credit, criminal and eviction histories result in wide-ranging rental background checks

Ensure More Accurate Matching – At My Tenant Match, we make use of advanced matching logic, using consumer address and name history which help match your rental applicants to our report histories.

Tenant Screening – Report types and formats are smartly designed for landlords, helping them decide which rental applicant truly to choose.

As far as income insights are concerned, online tenant screening services firms offer a custom report that tells landlords which applicants need additional income verification. This report help you save your valuable time and effort during the tenant screening process and lower your risk for renter payment issues.

Providing accurate assessment of renter risk than a typical credit score, the best service provider as well allow the landlord to have renters cover the cost of rental screening. My Tenant Match gives landlords flexibility to choose to pay or pass the cost of tenant screening services to your potential tenant.

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