Online Tools for Downloading Text-to-Speech as Free Audio in MP3

Text-to-speech tools are such programs and software that turn any written text into spoken audio to help you understand easily. This technology has enhanced extensively throughout the years, incorporated both female and male voices, various tones, and control over pitch, volume, etc.

If you need to translate your text to audio as a downloaded MP3 file, we have some fantastic websites that will do all this work for free. It would not just provide you the audio but will also let you download it as an MP3 file.




Use these free websites to download and convert your text into speech.


This is one of the best tools you can use for converting your text to speech. You get the option to choose amongst thousands of varied languages, and numerous amounts of accents such as American, Canadian, etc.  You simply have to provide your text, choose a type of voice you want from the given menu, and then tap on Read to listen to the final output. Try out different voices and accents until you are satisfied and then tap on Download as MP3 to get the file.

The best part of this website is that you can use syntax to modify the pitch of the voice, emphasize specific words, etc. All this is because Amazon Polly powers the service. You may get some examples if you check the ttsMP3 website.

The website lets you translate about 375 words and up to 3000 characters in a day free of cost. However, if you want more, you can buy a membership at any time.

Text 2 Voice

Another completely free and fantastic website is Text 2 Voice. Type in or copy-paste up to 2000 characters in the space given. Just below the area, you will see the number of characters you have used. In case you want more than 2000 characters in your conversion, you will have to pay for it. After inserting your text, select the language and the region from the menu and also choose a voice from the given list. After making all the selections, press the yellow button to convert your text, and you’ll get to listen to the text. However, it can take some time if the text is long. There are options to modify the audio and voice, which includes download format, voice effects, etc. After making changes in these, tap once again on the yellow button and then click on the download button.

Text 2 Speech

This is a very convenient and user-friendly website service, which pretty much does its job adequately. It allows up to 4000 characters in a day for free. Choose amongst the list of voices, speed of speech, and name your file. Once you are done, tap on Start.

Now you can play the audio, and in case you are not satisfied, you can go back again and make edits as per your choice. When done, download the audio in MP3/WAV format. It also shows you the size of each file, which is very small.


Festvox is not as fantastic as the other three but it is a project of the speech group of Carnegie Mellon University. The speech quality and tool on this site is a bit old fashioned and sounds like a robot. However, if you just want a translation of your text into speech, it can do it promptly.

Though there is no limit on the characters you upload, make sure you do not enter vast texts as it will not support massive conversion at once. Another fault is, even if you get to choose the format, it will only produce your audio in a WAV format. After you provide your text and choose a voice, tap on the Synthesize button to start the download. In case your file appears to be of 0KB, that would mean you have used enough characters. Now you’ll have to start again with less text.


In Kukarella, you first have to sign up on the website, and then you will be able to use the service for free. The site is fast and allows 2000 characters for free. After logging in, you just have to tap on the convert button, and your work will be done. The voice options are also very vast, which is powered by big brands like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. There is a paid membership option available, but the free option is also incredible. Also, you can highlight those parts of the texts you want to put emphasis on and add effects. When done, press on Convert and then download it into an MP3 file.

The best part is no matter what you choose; all these services are superb at what they do. One trick you can use is that if you exhaust the free limit on a website, you can always go to the next one for more.

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