Onlyfans: 5,000 euros per month for showing your body on the internet:

OnlyFans is a monthly subscription service that started in England in 2016. Its mission is for creators to monetize their content by charging memberships, with OnlyFans keeping 20% ​​of the amount entered.

The minimum subscription is $ 5, although each owner establishes its amount up to a maximum of $ 50. Tips may also be offered, giving the right to contact by direct message. Although OnlyFans is aimed at creators of all kinds, most offer sexual content.

Paid sex has always moved a lot of money and the internet opened up new possibilities through pages with videos and images of explicit sexual content, homemade porn, and webcam services by OnlyFans model.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, live sex came to an end and the consumption of online porn increased around the world: part of those who were engaged in the sex business turned to this service.

Thus, OnlyFans has become one of the services that have grown the most in recent months. Also, Google trends have seen a rise in searches during the last year, especially since March, when the porn industry had to stop and actors and actresses entered the platform to get money. In May 2020, the service exceeded 24 million registered users, after increasing subscriptions by 50% the previous month.

The ‘bonus’ of actors and celebrities:

One of the stars who have a profile in the service is Bella Thorne, who in August made a million dollars in her first 24 hours in OnlyFans.

However, the Hollywood actress was only in OnlyFans for a short time. She promised nude photos for a payment of $200, but the clients asked for the money back because she was wearing lingerie in the images.

Also, the creators of pornographic content complained that their subscriptions had been reduced due to Thorne’s intervention. As a result of this controversy, OnlyFans put the limit on tips and pay-per-view content at $100.

Rapper Cardi B has also joined the service, although she stated that she will not offer porn content. But will share what happens “behind the scenes, deal with rumors that arise and share scenes from the personal life of she”.

Few creators take most of the money:

One of the popular websites, which collects data from influencer platforms and agencies, calculates that OnlyFans registers 7,000 to 8,000 new content creators every day, representing a total of 1,700,000 creators (at the end of 2019 there were 60,000 registered). At the end of August, Variety magazine reported that the subscription service had 50 million registered customers (compared to 7 million a year ago).

If you have not yet joined this platform to enjoy OnlyFans trending models 2020, you are surely missing something.

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