OnlyFans star ‘tripled earnings’ after spending £11k on surgery in Turkey

OnlyFans star ‘tripled earnings’ after spending £11k on surgery in Turkey


EXCLUSIVE: OnlyFans star Lola Mason, aka MamaPlugs, has claimed her earnings and confidence skyrocketed after she spent £11,000 on a tummy tuck and Brazillian butt lift

An OnlyFans star has claimed that she tripled her earnings after getting plastic surgery to slim down her waist and give her the “booty of her dreams”.

Lola Mason, who is known online as MamaPlugs, is very open on social media about her body journey.

Most recently she received more than 1,000 likes on a video where she praised her surgeon Dr Serbulent Guzey for making her “booty the biggest”.

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The model, who has set her kids up for life with her X-rated fortune, believes his work had a huge impact on her earnings.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Lola said: “I’ve had two plastic surgeries – a tummy tuck done in the UK due to having children my skin went to shit and a BBL.

“After a tummy tuck, I lost more weight and my bum was very flat so I then went and had a Brazilian butt lift in Instanbul.

“They took 7 litres of fat from my back and stomach and injected 2litres per cheek back into my bum.

“I regret my first surgeon in the UK as he gave me such a bad scar.

“I then went to Istanbul and my second surgeon was fantastic!

“I also had a tummy tuck revision during my bbl as the first UK surgeon left me with a bad scar.

“I’ve spent £11k on surgery, I had a bad overhang from having babies which affected my confidence a lot.

“He fixed my tummy tuck and gave me the booty of my dreams, he had also performed on my friends and they all look amazing. “

Since having the procedures in November 2020 and then again on Valentine’s Day in February 2022 MamaPlugs claims her earnings have tripled.

However, she doesn’t believe that the change was just down to her body.

She added: “My earnings tripled but I honestly don’t think it was just my body that did it.

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