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Badler wanted to get a star angle level salary since he completed the winning copy in the 49th Super Bowl. But after the Patriots signed the stephon gilmore before, it is no longer possible to get a big contract.

This renewal allowed the cowboy to take a $ 12 million salary space this year. The original contract to 2023, Lawrence will now spread a lot of $ 15 million in a multi-share of a bonus, which reduces the pressure on the salary cap in the short term.

Li believes that wearing 8 is the best commemoration for daughter’s life. He said: “I thought for a long time. In fact, I am not necessary for me and my wife. She is always around us, but people are not to get along with her. She is a living child, I do this to let Her students have something that they have. “

NFL TV reporter Tom Pelissero reported that denim and Demarcus Lawrence renewed for 1 year. This renewal is completely in order to make a salary space, so the contract can be invalidated in this year. Renewal After the denim will turn Lawrence’s 15 million US dollars this year into a signature bonus.

Saints have been trying to sign Badler after opening the free player market. In the trading between the Saint and Patriots, Brandin Cooks, Badler is considered to be one of the transaction chips. However, because Butler did not sign the contract, the Saint and Patriots eventually involved only Cook in Cook in the transaction.

Kobo was affected by the shoulder injury encountered in the early season, but he did not absent the game. He lacked an explosive performance in recent weeks. In the past four games, the number of balls in the game per game did not exceed 45 yards, nor did it achieved an over. In the eighth week, he completed 6 battles & mdash; & mdash; the third weeks of & mdash; & mdash; but the average of 4.5 yards were advanced each time.

If the saints signed Badler with a patriot that does not match, then they will have to lose the first round of drafts & mdash; & mdash; this year’s draft elevated line. It is a huge price for the Saints to pay for the high salary and lose high-selection rights (so many reporters think that the saints will not be willing to do this).

Brown abandoned kick hand to change the number to commemorate the death daughter

San Francisco’s 49 people recently took their 11-year game experience to Andy Lee, Andy Lee, to Cleveland Brown, in exchange for 2017, 7th draft.

Gonzalez is a star close-up of 14 professional bowls, and now I am hired by the CBS as a full-US rugby studio analyst. His 1325 appearance records ranked second in the history of the league, and it seems that he is not intended to add a few more times.

Brown hired Horton as a defensive coordinator

The Cleveland cheap Jerseys from china Broner Coach – Jackson has previously said that he does not need an offensive coordinator, but the defensive coordinator is still indispensable. On Wednesday, NFL official website reporters reported that Brown will hire Ray Horton to serve as a defensive coordinator, the front Buffalo Assistant coach Kirby Wilson will serve as the ground offensive coordinator, and before Indianapolis Pony Assistant Coach Pep Hamilton will serve as a quadruple coach.

At a cool way to improve conference call on Thursday, a reporter clearly asked whether the New England patriots considered Gonzalez, his response should not plan to return to the game. Gonzalese said: “Honestly, I don’t even want to play again. I have a lot of career so far. I really have a lot of teams to contact me. Of course, I won’t go, but still have a few A team is reluctant to call me. “

In the 2013 season, Hordon was still Brown defensive coordinator, which still has a number of players with him in this team. In the past two seasons, Horton is not smooth in Tennessee, as the latter decides to adjust the coach group, Hordon is also allowed to leave the team. In the league, the defensive coordinator returned to the old East in this short term, but Brown’s bad results force the team more frequently more than other teams in the replacement coaches.

In the two years of Horton left Brown, the team selected a high-time rookie like Danny Shelton and Justin Gilbert. The performance of the two cannot match their high time, Hordon also needs to decide how to use these players in the future.

It can be understood that UNICEB is dissatisfied. He is a famous professional bowl level, and his performance is unable to meet his own standards. In fact, the entire offensive group lacks excellent performance, which is not entirely the responsibility of Kobio.

There are a lot of reasons for poor performance, but there is a bad performance of the Denver Wild Horse in Denver, & mdash; the number of passes is only 77 yards & mdash; & mdash; external handle Land Dao – 科布b 科布 科 自己 自己 自己 自己. “I feel this is my fault,” Kobape said to ESPN. “I feel this is my responsibility. I have to get more attacks when I get the opportunity.”

When the lack of Jordy Nelson, Jordy Nelson made his situation, Kobo was dissatisfied with the current situation and this problem. “I don’t know what kind of performance you want me,” he said after a stop. “I don’t know what you want to hear. I will play later, I will make better performance for this team. I will do more. I will be the best Landao I can become.”

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