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The 27-year-old Casilla is playing 55 games in the 5 seasons of the New Orleans Saints and Tampawan pirates, including the first 15 games. He is fighting with the leg teen and the injury of the groin, and he has not yet been in the defensive group in October. Casillassa is a rotation player of the defensive group in the early season, and is approximately half of the appearance time when serving as a strong side.

[Event Briefing] Regular Tournament 10th Week: Worst Create Auckland
Beijing November 13th regular season 10 weeks, Los Angeles ram and Kansas city chiefs divided the list of nationals and the United States with 9 wins and 1 loss, the two teams will also meet in the 11th week, who is only Is the hottest team.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that pirates have completed the trading of the old England Patriots in Jonathan Casillas based on two message sources. But the details of the transaction are not disclosed.

In the eleventh week of the most exciting competition, Indiana Polis pony has been overcoming Green Bay packaging in the Tower 34-31. This game completed 39 yards to kill the horses of the horses, Rodrigo Blankenship, became the best special team players in Mei Week. In addition to this shooting, Braken Xie Pu also completed three arbitrage shoots and 2-time traam additional shot.

Become the best defensive players in Mei Week is the Olivier Vernon. In the team 22-17 overcome the festival, he is a happy star in the team’s excellent defensive group. Fernar has achieved 3 killing, one of which causes safety points. In addition, he also won 5 times and disrupts the pass.

In this year’s break, Sanders has joined the Saints of New Orleans. At the time of interview on Tuesday, he said that he can work with the four-point guards Drew Brees and other offensive weapons of the team.

Beckham said: “Just as I said, everyone knows what happened on the court, everyone can see it, even Stevie Wonder can see all this. I I can’t do anything, I don’t know why, why do you always get two things, I can fix it all, I have to say, I have to defend myself, not I am complaining. ”

“I remember that I have the opportunity to play in the offensive group who pays attention to the attack. This is one of my best seasons in the data. You will know yourself 10 when you participate in training. To 12 times. When participating in the competition, you know that you have the opportunity to complete 10 battles. As I said in 14 years, there is a paradise that takes over. It can go back to another famous Hall four The assassin offensive group and strive to do some special things, win the super bowl of champion, I fully support this opportunity. Honestly, I am very fortunate to be in the current environment. ”

With this week, cheap Jerseys the New York Giants 27:23, the San Francisco 49 people were defeated the second victory. They also handed the embarrassing “deputy squad leader” position in the hands of the Auckland raid. It seems that Ge Rarden is a lot of questioning this season.

However, Jerry Jones will not lose confidence. He recently said: “I have entered the league for 30 years, the eagle has been trying to get a super bowl of championship. So they work hard for a long time The other teams are the same, and this victory is not simply attributed to the team building of these two years. ”

“Let me describe you,” Sanders said. “Dru Bris re-evidence, he looked right, he saw Alvin Kamara. He saw the left, he saw Emanuel Sanders. He looked right, He saw Michael Thomas. Oh, he looked in the middle, there was Jared Cook. My God, who will score? You look at it, see the edge there Sean Payton in the command. Who doesn’t want to be in such an environment? ”

“I think you said the gap, in fact, they mean that they have won the super bowl, and we didn’t enter the playoffs. Although I didn’t enter the playoffs, I didn’t think that the gap in last year was so obvious. They are very similar to us. We have a good mushroom performance, the powerful offensive group and stable quadruposis. They may be a defensive group, there are many famous characters. But I think I think There are also many potential new stars in the denim. ”

Denim boss Jones thinks the team with the eagle strength
Looking at the same district, the enemy of the city, the eagle wins the patriots, and the taste of the leader of the team’s leader Bundi Cup is certainly not very good.

Washington football team abandoned to play portrait in the team 20-9 played in the game of Cincinnati, playing out in the game, abandoned in his 5 times, with an average of 50.4 yards every time I wrote 50.4 yards (net The number of codes is 46.6 yards), there are 3 abandoned kicks into the opponent 20 yard lines. Such a performance made him become the best special team player in the National United Know.

Pirates and patriots completed the replacement line
In the transaction deadline, Tampawan pirates are indeed a team worthy of attention, but the transaction will not attract how much attention is attracted to the alliance.

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