Operation Iron Horse Goes Live in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2


Today, Ubisoft officially launched the eight-player raid Operation Iron Horse into Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. This is the most awaited game in the market currently and gamers have been dying to play it since its announcement. Operation Iron Horse is a big mission and that showcases very well how adamant and ferocious the True Sons are. In this, players will not only have to face the True Sons and deal with them but also handle all the secrets they are keeping. Dealing with the environment of a foundry is also going to be a big challenge. In this game, all of the maestros are going to make your survival difficult as they all come with their mechanics and styles of fighting that players will have to learn from them on the fly. The biggest twist is that no two are alike, so if you apply a strategy from a previous one onto a new one, it would not work. The game is all about the raid.

In this raid, Division Agents will move towards a foundry, where the True Sons are assembling weapons as they are devising a strategy to establish their hold over Washington D.C. again. According to the sources, this challenge is going to very tough even for experienced players. This will put to test the teamwork and the ability of all. Only the players who have caught up with Level 40 after playing Division 2: Warlords of New York expansion will be able to take part in the raid. While the players who own The Division 2 base game can partake in the Level 30 version of Operation Iron Horse, which is going to release on July 7. Players can change the Operation Iron Horse gaming modes between Normal and Discovery Difficulty. The Discovery Difficulty mode has not been released yet and will appear at a later date which is going to feature matchmaking for the raid. Another good news is that, apart from the second eight-player raid, the Race to World First competition is back in the game.

What makes this more happening is that the first team on each platform that will be able to complete Operation Iron Horse after it goes online will be forever immortalized in the game. Also, they will have their team photo and names exhibited in the form of a portrait in the White House in Division 2 so that all players can see them. Isn’t this amazing? Apart from the return of Race to World First, Twitch Drops are also back. That means fans will again be able to receive drops from selected Twitch partner streamers who will be streaming the raid on their platform. It is announced that Twitch Drops will be available from July 2 at 5 am PT.

The Division 2 is available on the Xbox One devices including the Xbox One X, Play Station4, Windows PC, UPLAY+, Ubisoft’s subscription service, and the new generation gaming platform, Stadia.


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