Operation of a condensing oil boiler

Unlike a low temperature boiler, the Boiler installation in HA4 uses a maximum of the energy produced during the combustion of the fuel oil. This boiler can easily replace your old boiler because it connects to the central heating system. Its performance will be maximum if the heat emitters you use are low temperatures

The operation of the oil condensing boiler

The oil fired condensing boiler works at the base like a traditional oil boiler. It is fed by a tank located outside or inside the house. The combustion of the oil warms the heating water circuit. Where its operation differs is that it allows recovering the energy of fumes released during the combustion of fuel oil. Indeed, the condensation of the water vapor contained in the fumes releases heat to heat the return water of the heating circuit. Boiler installation in HA8 converts the water vapor into liquid (condensate) which is then discharged and discharged through the wastewater circuit. The condensing boilers allows using the energy contained in the fumes. It is this principle that allows it to have such a high rate of energy efficiency.

Boiler installation in ha1

The condensing oil boiler can work in most homes

The oil condensing boiler can be installed in most homes to replace your old boiler. Boiler installation in HA7 is indeed possible to connect it to all hot water heating installations. On the other hand, if you are heated with electric radiators, the work to be undertaken is important because it is necessary to replace your radiators by water emitters working at low temperature preferably. If you are not already heated with oil, it is also necessary to install a tank to store the fuel. Finally, it should be noted that a Boiler installation in Wembley can also incorporate a balloon to produce hot water. To find out if this type of installation is part of the solutions adapted to your home, we invite you to use our energy saving simulator.

Achieve optimum performance from its oil fired condensing boiler

Heat-treated radiators or floor heating systems optimize the  efficiency of your oil-fired condensing boiler , unlike high-temperature heating systems, which operate with water temperatures above 55 ° C. It is therefore important to know that the performance of your boiler depends on the type of transmitter you are equipped with or will install. A skilled craftsman will provide you with advice adapted to your accommodation.

The importance of fumes evacuation from the oil fired condensing boiler

The production of fumes is an inherent consequence of the operation of a condensing oil boiler. These fumes must be evacuated through an exhaust duct. If your home does not have one, it is advisable to have one installed by a professional. If a duct is already in place, you must also call on a qualified craftsman who will check its condition and compatibility with your boiler. It may be necessary to double the tuber, to prevent damage caused by the moisture and acidity of the fumes released. In addition, the condensing boiler must be connected to the wastewater network to allow the evacuation of condensate caused by the condensation of combustion fumes. This will be evacuated by a thin duct connected to the wastewater network.

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