Optimize the Sound of Music & Videos with Audio Equalizer Apps

Streaming services and mobile devices have drastically changed how people watch movies, play videos, and listen to music. Consumers now have the opportunity to watch and hear what they want on a variety of devices and at almost any time.

High-quality sound booster apps can take someone’s listening and viewing experience to another level. Consumers can find applications that let them get the most stunning sound on either their phones, laptops or tablets.

Even standard media files can sound fantastic with a sound booster or Mac equalizer audio app. The best applications can give movie-watchers and music-listeners such features as:


Top-quality sound booster apps do more than simply turn the volume up or down on Mac or Android devices. They come with equalizers that enable users to fine-tune the sound for particular tracks and files.

Available apps offer consumers a variety of equalizer presetsas well as manual customization options. These features give people the power to make a song or video sound exactly how they want it to.

Audio Effects

Certain apps also come with special audio effects to enhance the sound quality even further. If people close their eyes, they could swear that they were hearing a real, live event rather than a recording.

The best sound booster apps can allow people to:

• Get stunning surround sound even on earbuds
• Get impressively crisp, sharp tones
• Balance out sound that is too loud or too soft with a single tap or click
• Adjust the pitch of music to make singing along easier

Smart File Boosting

Not only do the best Mac equalizer and other sound booster apps let people adjust volume and levels to their liking, they can offer users recommendations. Some apps can suggest and boost volume levels for different tracks automatically. This enables music-lovers to enjoy their tunes to the fullest on any device.

Boom 2 and Boom 3D from Global Delight make it easy for people to increase volume on Mac and much more. Equalizer presets, advanced audio effects and other powerful features allow users to get the most from their music and movies on their Macs. The user-friendly design and sophisticated features of these sound booster apps have won acclaim from sound professionals, reviewers and average users alike.

About Global Delight

Global Delight offers innovative sound booster and Mac equalizer apps. Its Boom 2 app has outstanding custom equalizer and volume enhancement options.

For more information on Boom 2 and other products, visit Globaldelight.com

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