Optimizing Your Business’s Efficiency by Upgrading to LED Lighting

Ask anyone who makes the financial, practical decisions about a business’s finances and they’ll tell you that the key to a business’s success (or failure) often relies on the details. While the focus is often (understandably) firmly fixed on the big decisions and their repercussions, the little things can also make or break a company. Cumulatively, those little details a manager or owner may have hardly considered, if at all, can lead to a slow, steady leakage of capital or worse over time.

Lighting can be overlooked as a potential for cost-cutting, largely because we tend to get used to the lights we have. The emergence of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting, however, has changed that.And far from the modest screen-lighting LEDs of the recent past, today’s LEDs cover virtually every lighting niche. For instance, an LED floodlight indoor model produces at least as much light as earlier lighting technologies, while requiring less energy. The following covers are some of the lighting options you might find in your business and why it’s worth considering an LED lighting upgrade.

Incandescent Lighting

Incandescent lighting is long the most familiar, well-known, and ubiquitous source of lighting available. The incandescent light bulb as we know it was largely due in part to the ingenuity and aggressive business and marketing talents of Thomas Edison. While an ingenious innovation, the incandescent bulb suffers from several drawbacks. Chief among those drawbacks, after the fragility of the eggshell-thin glass bulb considered somewhat a lighting inevitability, are heat (a lot of it) and efficiency (very little of it).

Incandescent bulbs rely on the super-heating of a metal filament to produce light, but that strategy naturally produces heat too. That heat is the result of a very inefficient use of the energy required to produce light. In fact, only a small amount of an incandescent light bulb’s energy is actually producing light, the rest is wasted heat energy.

LED lighting, on the other hand, is exponentially more efficient than incandescents, meaning not only less energy is necessary for as much or more light, but there’s also virtually no heat produced, so practically no energy is wasted. Quality LED light can also be a productivity boon at work and cause less headaches as they require less maintenance for a business owner to pay for. And, as LEDs use less energy to produce a great amount of light, this translates into overall expenses saved for the company.

Fluorescent Tube Lighting

The second most common lighting source, and among the most common in a commercial property of any size, is fluorescent tube lighting. Fluorescent tubes were incredibly popular when introduced and for good reason. They proved to be far longer-lasting than incandescent bulbs, effectively illuminated at least as much space, and did so with greater efficiency than incandescent lighting ever did. Additionally, despite those benefits, fluorescents were relatively inexpensive.

If there was a complaint at the time in comparison to incandescent bulbs, it was that the light quality of fluorescents was flatter and they had a tendency to flicker in a distracting way. LED technology soon rendered fluorescent tube lighting obsolete as well. Just as those fluorescent tubes lasted twice as long as incandescent bulbs, LED tube lighting proved to last around twice as long as fluorescents. And, as LED lighting doesn’t rely on a vacuum inside a thin glass tube (and don’t contain any mercury, as fluorescents do), they are considerably hardier than their predecessors. Longer life, increased efficiency, tougher material, and lower maintenance costs add up. So whether you’re replacing obsolete lighting indoors or upgrading to LED flood light bulbs outside, go green and save money with LED lighting.

About Hyperikon

Back in 2010, two brothers were going to local businesses to share their passion. That passion? The production of the most efficient, easy-to-install LED lights, giving businesses and consumers consistent access to them, and doing so with impeccable service. The approach has paid off, and in 2014, U.S.-based Hyperikon launched the brand on the Amazon marketplace, featuring over 250 LED products—including their commercial-grade, high-efficiency LED downlight line—to nearly 3 million customers. Even in light of that success, the company’s fundamental passion for the best, most innovative LED lighting solutions supported by unparalleled customer service, remains. Hyperikon holds a number of U.S. patents and has earned more than 700 certifications and qualifications.

Light up your home or business with efficient, cost-effective LED lighting from Hyperikon, at Hyperikon.com

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