Options Available to Replace Discolored Fillings

With the passage of time, the composite filling can become stained or yellow. This would restrict your smile and therefore you should visit your dentist. The usual length of time fillings last varies around the 10-year mark. The discoloration of your tooth fillings completely depend on two main factors including the material used in the filling and your oral heal habit.

The common types of fillings renowned dentists use are composite, ceramic and amalgam. Ceramic and amalgam fillings usually last a little longer than 10 years and composite on average start depreciating in a little under 10 years. However, its longevity also depends on how you care your teeth, and oral health.

As soon as you come to know about your tooth filling discoloration, just make sure to visit your nearest dentist.Your dentist may be well aware of your fillings weakening and discoloration prior you do. There may also be the possibility that the fillings becomes worn down or cracked. Your dentists would easily fix the issue as soon as possible.

Options Available to Replace Your Dental Fillings

As far as the options available to replace your dental fillings are concerned, your dentist may recommend the following options:

Crown or Veneers – If the area where the filling used to reside is broken down enough, your dentist may recommend you to cover the decayed area of your tooth with a dental crown or receive veneers if multiple teeth are affected.

Root Canal Therapy –If a tooth cannot be saved by a simple filling or crown, root canal therapy is the best available option. The procedure is not as scary as commonly believed. It involves replacing the inside tooth root with a rubber-material filler.

Reasons to Replace Discolored Fillings

A stained restoration often need to bed replaced due to decay. If a restoration has stained and did not have decay. Stained teeth can be polished or buffed with polishing discs to revitalize it. This help in giving a natural look to your tooth again and easily improve the overall aesthetics. However, it’s all depend on individual to individual.

Another reason for replacing white fillings is after whitening. It not merely aid your teeth to get whiten but also prevent composite to not change the color. It also smoothen your edges. Tooth-Colored Fillings are common way to completely replace metal fillings with composite resin fillings. It easily bond to teeth which help to easily create a strong hold and moreover it doesn’t irritate gums as much as metal.

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