Options of Mississauga Electronics Recycling

These days, societies have started producing immense turnover of e-devices on a regular basis. The reasons may be regular advancements in the field of technology, due to which electronics become old very soon, and we feel the need to replace them quickly. On an average, a laptop lasts for around 12 years, desktop computer lasts for 7 years, tablet lasts for 5 years, and smartphones just for 2 years. Such a short lifespan of electronic products results in e-waste produced in huge amounts. Every year, millions of tons of e-waste is accumulated worldwide, and within a few coming years, this amount is expected to increase manifolds. So, let’s have a look at the significance of Mississauga electronics recycling and its methods.

What e-waste is?

E-waste refers to all electronic goods that come to the end of their life after use. This can include anything from an outdated computer to a malfunctioning VCR. Such products are usually no longer useful for the owner, and the owner wants to get rid of it. Fortunately, nearly 100% of the e-waste produced is recyclable. Even when the product is not working properly, it has metal, glass, copper, plastic, silver, gold and palladium parts that Toronto electronics recycling companies can recover and reuse. According to a research, out of one million smartphones recycled, the recovered components include 772 pounds silver, 33 pounds palladium, 75 pounds gold and 35,000 pounds copper.

How Mississauga Electronics Recycling is done?

Recycling a device refers to the process in which it is disposed of in a safe manner so that it can be refused again. In many countries, it is legally not allowed to dispose electronic products in a recycle bin or garbage. Electronics contain toxic components like lead, cadmium and mercury that should be disposed of safely and carefully. If left alone in the landfills, they produce toxic fumes that are extremely harmful for the environment.

Ways to Recycle Electronics?

There are three major ways of recycling electronics:

Donate: If your electronic device is still in working condition, then you can consider donating it to the people who cannot afford new devices and won’t mind using your old product. Some charities use your donated device as it is, fix it to perfection, or resell it to get some money. Donating your old electronics will not only help the organization, but you will also get a tax break if you donate it to a school, library or no-profit organization.

Handover to tech companies: Another way to recycle is to give your old electronics back to the manufacturer. A number of tech manufacturers and even retailers have recycling programs that make battery recycling Toronto easier for the customers. Some even give incentives to let them recycle your devices. For instance, a company may reduce the price of their new product if you give your old device to them and buy a new one from them. Some companies even let you bring in your old electronics and give you credit or cash in return. Some tech companies simply manage sites where you can leave your old products.

Bring to a recycling company:There are specialized recycling companies that are in the market to recycle electronic products only. One such company is Com2Recycling. Once you send your old electronic goods to them, they take full responsibility of disposing and recycling it properly.

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