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Which one of the statements describes a service aggregator pattern?

  • A. It uses a queue on both sides of the service communication
  • B. It involves implementing a separate service that makes multiple calls to other backend services
  • C. It involves sending events through a message broker
  • D. It is implemented in each service separately and uses a streaming service

Answer: B

Service Aggregator Pattern
Another option for eliminating microservice-to-microservice coupling is an Aggregator microservice, shown in purple in Figure 4-10.

The pattern isolates an operation that makes calls to multiple back-end microservices, centralizing its logic into a specialized microservice. The purple checkout aggregator microservice in the previous figure orchestrates the workflow for the Checkout operation. It includes calls to several back-end microservices in a sequenced order. Data from the workflow is aggregated and returned to the caller. While it still implements direct HTTP calls, the aggregator microservice reduces direct dependencies among back-end microservices.


What are two of the main reasons you would choose to implement a serverless architecture?

  • A. No need for integration testing
  • B. Reduced operational cost
  • C. Automatic horizontal scaling
  • D. Improved In-function state management
  • E. Easier to run long-running operations

Answer: B,C

Serverless computing refers to a concept in which the user does not need to manage any server infrastructure at all. The user does not run any servers, but instead deploys the application code to a service provider’s platform. The application logic is executed, scaled, and billed on demand, without any costs to the user when the application is idle.
Benefits of the Serverless or FaaS
So far almost every aspect of Serverless or FaaS is discussed in a brief, so let’s talk about the pros and cons of using Serverless or FaaS Reduced operational and development cost Serverless or FaaS offers less operational and development cost as it encourages to use third-party services like Auth, Database and etc.
Horizontal scaling in Serverless or FaaS is completely automatic, elastic and managed by FaaS provider. If your application needs more requests to be processed in parallel the provider will take of that without you providing any additional configuration.


You are implementing logging in your services that will be running in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes. Which statement describes the appropriate logging approach?

  • A. Each service logs to its own log file.
  • B. All services log to a shared log file.
  • C. All services log to an external logging system.
  • D. All services log to standard output only.

Answer: D

Application and systems logs can help you understand what is happening inside your cluster. The logs are particularly useful for debugging problems and monitoring cluster activity. Most modern applications have some kind of logging mechanism; as such, most container engines are likewise designed to support some kind of logging. The easiest and most embraced logging method for containerized applications is to write to the standard output and standard error streams.
Kubernetes also provides cluster-based logging to record container activity into a central logging subsystem. The standard output and standard error output of each container in a Kubernetes cluster can be ingested using an agent like Fluentd running on each node into tools like Elasticsearch and viewed with Kibana. And finally, monitor containers, pods, applications, services, and other components of your cluster. One can use tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger for monitoring, visibility, and tracing the cluster.



What is the minimum of storage that a persistent volume claim can obtain in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)?

  • A. 1 TB
  • B. 50 GB
  • C. 1 GB
  • D. 10 GB

Answer: B

The minimum amount of persistent storage that a PVC can request is 50 gigabytes. If the request is for less than 50 gigabytes, the request is rounded up to 50 gigabytes.



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