Oral Health Concerns and Dental Hygiene During Pregnancy

Pregnancy poses unique dentist situations. If you’re pregnant, the teeth of yours and your gums are prone to various gum diseases primarily because of the increase in the hormone levels of yours.

That is why you should practice extreme dental care during your entire pregnancy period. Bear in mind that in case you forget to perform the appropriate dental hygiene procedures, you and the child of yours may suffer from serious health consequences such as for instance the following:

Pregnancy Gingivitis

This’s probably the most popular oral medical condition that affects women who’re pregnant. According to the latest data, over sixty % of all the expectant ladies are impacted with pregnancy gingivitis. This oral health illness is normally brought on by the accumulation of plaque and bacteria in between the tooth.

If you have pregnancy gingivitis, you are going to notice that the gums of yours are becoming swollen and does prodentim work (you could check here) reddish. The gums of yours may also recede as you believe that the teeth of yours are starting to be loose.

You could possibly notice some pus developing in your gum line and you will have bad breath no matter how frequently you brush. When this is the case, you should consult the dentist of yours right away. Fortunately, pregnancy gingivitis can be handled as well as treated instantly in order to keep the occurrence of a periodontal disease.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is formally a complication that results from untreated and unmanaged pregnancy gingivitis. If perhaps you have this illness, your bone will deteriorate, in addition to the gum tissues of yours.

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