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Highland Park is a scotch distillery located on the island of Orkney, in Scotland. The history of Highland Park Whisky dates back to 1881, when a group of whisky lovers decided to create the first legal whisky distillery on the island. Since then, it has been producing amazing single malts and blends that have earned their place among some of the best drams in the world. It’s no wonder why this whisky has been so successful: its popularity is due to both its taste and appearance. In this article we’ll tell you everything there is to know about this classic brand with an interesting past!

The history of Highland Park Whisky

The history of Highland Park Whisky is a long and storied one. The distillery was founded in 1798 by Magnus Eunson, who had been trained as a cooper. He sold his wares at the local market, but one day he noticed that people were more interested in what he was drinking than what he was selling. So he decided to try his hand at making whisky instead!

When Eunson died in 1851, his son took over the business and expanded it greatly; by 1885 it was producing 1 million gallons per year–a huge amount for that time period! In 1907 another family member took charge: Alexander Edward Orr-Ewing (who later became Sir Alexander Orr-Ewing). Under him production rose even further; now they could make up to 3 million gallons per year!

What makes Highland Park Whisky special?

Highland Park Whisky is special because it’s aged in a variety of casks, including sherry, American oak, European oak and virgin oak. The result is a unique flavor profile that varies from batch to batch.

The distillery also ages some of its whisky in bourbon casks from Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky and port pipes from Graham’s Port Company in Portugal. Other limited releases are aged in rum barrels–a rare practice among Scotches–and even the occasional wine cask!

Is there a difference between the different vintages?

There are differences in the taste of different vintages, and the best way to find out which you prefer is to try them. You can buy single malt whiskies from specialist whisky shops or online.

How do I know if I like Highland Park Whisky?

If you’re wondering if Highland Park Whisky is right for you, here’s a simple test:

  • Taste it. It’s best to start with a small sip and see how it feels on your tongue. Does the flavor make sense? Do you want more?
  • Smell it. As with wines, different whiskys have distinct aromas that can help guide your opinion about their overall taste and quality. If possible, let the whisky sit in front of you for several minutes so that its scent becomes more prominent before taking another sip or two from your glass (or tumbler).
  • Feel it in your mouth as well as smell–the texture of certain whiskys can also be an indicator of quality; some have an oily feeling while others are thin and watery-feeling when swallowed down into one’s gullet.* Look at how clear or cloudy/opaque each dram appears; this will give insight into its aging process (if any).

Where can I buy the best contemporary Highland Park Whisky?

If you’re looking for Buy Highland Park Whisky online , then there are several options. You can buy it online, in some specialty shops and bars, or even at some airports.

Highland park whisky is a classic that deserves its place among the best drams in the world

Highland Park Whisky is a classic that deserves its place among the best drams in the world. It’s one of the most popular single malts in the world, and for good reason: this whisky has been produced at Highland Park since 1798.

Highland Park Whisky is an excellent example of what makes Scottish whisky so special–it’s made using water from Loch Ness, which gives it an incredibly smooth taste and aroma; it’s aged in oloroso sherry casks; and it has notes of fruit and honey along with hints of smokey peat (the result of being distilled over peat).


We hope that this article has helped you understand why Highland Park Whisky is so special, and why it deserves its place among the best drams in the world. If you’re looking for an exciting whisky experience, we strongly recommend trying out some of these great blends!

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