Order Picker: Definition Of The Job Of Picker?

The order picker is the executive accountable for collecting and grouping the goods that make up an order. New technologies have streamlined all logistics processes, making it possible to supply the picking station where the operator works with products. With or without automation, the order picker continues to play a vital role in the warehouse.

In this article, we explore this professional profile a little more closely, what training must be followed to become an order picker, the functions they perform within the logistics installation, and, picking systems.

What is an order picker?

An order picker is a professional in the logistics industry whose primary responsibility is to collect all the products that make up an order and group them for shipping. However, he is responsible for gathering the requested references and checking that the products are not damaged, updating the stocks (in the absence of warehouse management software), labeling the goods, and transferring the order to the shipping area, among other functions.

What does an order picker do?

Each warehouse has a specific logistics planning, which includes all the operators’ tasks and those of the warehouse manager or logistics manager.

The most common tasks of the order picker are:

  • Group the references and consolidate the order. After collecting all the items in the order, the picker reduces it.
  • Package and label orders. The picker, who may have a specific workstation available for this task, packs the order and places the label appropriately.
  • Complete the necessary documentation to complete and validate the order. The order picker must complete the required documents to confirm that the order has been prepared during manual picking. As the volume of orders increases, it becomes essential to use software to avoid errors and failures.
  • Replenish empty slots. The order picker is also responsible for supplying the various storage locations. This process can be done manually or using warehouse management software. In automated warehouses, automated storage and transport systems speed up this task.

Professional profile of the order picker

The picking is one of the essential activities of the warehouse storage places in Bangalore. Therefore, the order picker profile is searched in all logistics facilities that prepare the lines of orders and retail companies from supermarkets to logistics or distribution centers.

The role of order picker requires responsibility and the ability to adapt to the management of multiple tasks without losing efficiency or productivity. To do this, these workers are assisted by technological devices that help them optimize their movements, such as radiofrequency terminals. Among his skills, the preparer must know how to use technology for data entry, whether manually, with a barcode reader, or with a mobile radio frequency terminal.

In traditional warehouses where the primary load unit is the pallet, the order picker must accredited training in the use of pallet trucks or forklifts. Why? In many cases, the picking is carried out on the pallets and is moved using pallet trucks or forklifts.

The order picker’s job is a trendy profile, primarily due to the consolidation of electronic commerce. In warehouses e-commerce, the pickers are faced with a challenge. With load units smaller, heterogeneous orders and requests for 24-hour delivery, technology is essential to avoid errors or delays in delivery that could harm the company’s competitiveness.

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