Organic and Sponsored Results in Google Search Engine – Find out the Differences

Google search results, which are viewed by most Internet users every day, can be divided into organic (natural) and sponsored. It’s good to know the differences between them and distinguish them among all search results that appear after entering a specific phrase.

Google search engine is the most popular tool of this type in the world – in Poland it is used by over 96% of Internet users (data from February 2017). Although we see Google search results every day, not everyone can tell the difference between organic and sponsored ones, so we decided to bring this topic a little closer 🙂

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Sponsored results are paid advertising links that appear on the search list of Google Adwords campaigns. In turn , organic results , otherwise known as natural, are included in free links. However, it should be clarified here that we mean a payment or no payment to Google. The organic position in the search engine is influenced by multidirectional marketing action called positioning, which aims to classify a given link by Google in search results higher than the others, after entering specific keywords in the search engine.

Result display mechanism

The main difference is the mechanism that affects the displayed results. Sponsored ones appear on the search list thanks to advertising activities carried out as part of various types of Google Adwords campaigns. Organic results are displayed on the list of searches as a result of actions affecting the Google algorithm, i.e. the basic mechanisms of positioning pages. All processes aimed at achieving the highest possible position among the organic results are SEO, i.e. optimization of websites in terms of internet search engine.

Designation of sponsored results

Google also marks sponsored links to make them easy to distinguish from organic ones. For paid or sponsored links appears the label “advertisement” clearly marked on the search list.

Location of search results

Another easy-to-observe difference between natural and sponsored results is their location on the search list. The latter are always on the first four and last three positions on the list, and between them appear natural (organic) results.

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Some skip positioning activities in their marketing strategy, focusing search engine promotion budgets entirely on Google Adwords campaigns. This is a mistake. Research shows that search engine users focus their eyes primarily on organic links. This means that SEO activities are very important for promoting your website on the web and this interaction of positioning and advertising campaigns on Google gives the most effective visibility of the page in the search engine.

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