Original Cast Returns for Bizarre Beverly Hills 90210 Reboot

The reboot of the 1990s hit Fox show Beverly Hills, 90210 is certainly a big surprise for everyone as it has been almost two decades since the series was canceled. The series was a phenomenon in itself at the time, and it helped the Fox network as we know it. The cast was turned into teen idols during the time it was broadcast in the1990’s. But the upcoming BH90210 is not a simple reboot of the initially canceled popular TV series.

The main cast of the original 90210 is returning to reprise their roles into the finely tuned versions of themselves for the upcoming reboot of BH90210. The upcoming series is going to be a pre-scripted, pseudo-reality show stirred by casts real lives and interactions with spouses.

The creators Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth got the idea when Ian Ziering proposed a parallel notion back in 2000 for the 10th anniversary of 90210. Even Luke Perry was on board about the idea as he had committed to Riverdale to do as many episodes he could. The idea, however, was turned down by the network at that time. Shannen Doherty did not initially want to return, but after Perry passed away this March, she agreed to honor Perry’s memory.

The Returning Cast

The show is going to reference the 1990’s original  90210, but will completely disregard the 2008-2013 CW reboot. Several familiar faces agreed to rejoin along with seven main lead actors. The show will undoubtedly stir up nostalgia in the heart of the longtime fans from the 1990s.

Here is the list of the cast who is confirmed to come back for Beverly Hills 90210.

  1. Jason Priestley as Himself.

Jason played the role of Brandon Walsh on the original 90210, but in the upcoming BH90210, he is going to represent himself in the role. Jason is YA dramas TV director who is unsatisfied with his career in a creative way.

  • Jennie Garth as Herself.

Jennie played the role of Kelly Taylor for consecutive ten seasons in the original 90210. However, this time around, she has been through some marriages and is going to deal with raising teens in Hollywood.

  • Carol Potter as Herself

Carol played Cindy Walsh, who was the mother of Brandon and Brenda the twins.

  • Ian Ziering as Himself

Ian portrays Steve Sanders in the original, but now he will be appearing as an entrepreneur who is building a fitness brand.

  • Brian Austin Green as Himself

Tori portrayed Donna Martin in the original 90210. Her role is the closest one to the real-life version of herself as she will be a mom with six kids who has just gotten her show canceled.

  • Vanessa Lachey as Camille.

Vanessa played Jason Priestley’s spouse, who is an influential Hollywood activist.

  • Ivan Sergei as Nate.

Ivan portrayed Tori Spelling’s significant half and is an ex-hockey star.

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