Orphan Sponsorship Program – Provide Support and Care to Deprived Children

Uganda has a staggering number of street children as a result of internal wars, social injustices in homes and premature parent deaths caused by HIV/AIDS. Ugandan orphans are apparently endangered people in today’s world. As you can imagine, one child’s needs including education, housing, food supplies, medical and social welfare is costly.

Sponsoring a Ugandan orphan is certainly the first step to having the next generation. Uganda orphanage is devoted to care orphans, semi orphans and semi orphans’ children whose biological parents are deceased or unable or unwilling to care for them. Amigos aim to raise funds and awareness so that more children could get the help they truly need.

Amigos, with the help of donors, is building the first pioneering orphanage. We focus on rescuing and improving the lives of children abused through sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. The children brought to the center will have the chance to grow and flourish with good health, safety and happiness along with proper education, nutritional food and caring environment.

With the help of orphan sponsorship program, our organization – Amigos supports children day and night shelters. So, donate generously and spread the happiness.


One can help children in need in Uganda through Uganda orphanage sponsorship program. As many of children lives in Uganda stuck in a conflict, experiencing violence then and now, psychological stress, loss of education or lack of access of basic resources. Thousands of refugee boys and girls have not merely lost their homes but also lost hope to make a future for themselves. Amigos invite you to look after an orphan and sponsor his/her living or studies.

Amigos is working in a way to improve the lives of orphaned children by protecting them from illness, providing proper educational opportunities and easy access to proper nutrition, water and sanitation services. A donor can take care of these boys and girls through supporting our programs in different ways.

Under charity sponsorship program, one can easily donate desired amount of money to make the lives of orphans in Uganda as better as possible. You as well can sponsor special events so that orphaned children escape from getting deprived. Also, your donation allows more flexibility to the organization.

Orphan supporting programs of Amigos is a long-term programmer that looks after the welfare of an orphan. With the help of this program, the organization is hopeful to empower orphans through education. The sponsorship programmer will ensure that orphan’s social, financial and educations needs are met.

Take and orphan under your wing today. Your charity will definitely change the life a child who deliberately need food, clothing, healthcare and education. You can also expect emergency services in disaster relief situation to meet the needs of deprived children in and around Uganda.

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