Ottawa Charter: A Commitment To Health Promotion

In  Ottawa, the First International Conference on Health Promotion held in November 1986. The primary purpose of this Conference was to growing expectations for a new public health movement around the world.

The Ottawa charter conference strengthens health promotion principles and practices, such as healthy public policy, building beneficial alliances, supportive environments, and bridging the equity gap.

Fundamentals of Ottawa Charter Conference

The Conference aims—

  • To counter the complexity of harmful products, unwholesome living conditions and environment, resource depletion, and inadequate nutrition.
  • To focus on public health issues such as pollution and industrial hazards.
  • To reduce the health gap between societies, also to tackle injustice in health rules and practice produced by these societies
  • To acknowledge people as the primary health resource, and to support and enable them to keep themselves healthy through financial and other means
  • To reorient health services towards the promotion of health;
  • To distinguish health and its maintenance as a significant social investment and challenge;

What Is The Purpose of Ottawa Charter Action Areas?

The five action areas aim:

  1. To build public health policy
  2. Strengthening community Action
  3. Developing Personal Skills
  4. Creating a Supportive Environment
  5. Reorienting health services

Three Basic Strategies Of Health Promotion

The basic concept behind this are mentioned below—

  1. Enable: Health promotion primarily focuses on achieving equity in health and aims to reduce current health status to ensure equal opportunities and resources to enable people to reach full health potential. This may include life skills, access to information and opportunities to make healthy choices.

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  1. Mediate: Only the health sector cannot achieve health promotion as it is demands synchronized action by all concerned, including governments, health, social and economic sectors, non-government and voluntary organizations, local authorities, industry, and the media.
  1. Advocate: good health is a significant resource for social, economic, and personal development and a considerable life quality dimension. Political, cultural, environmental, economic, social, behavioral, and biological factors can favor or harm health. Health promotion focuses on making these situations favorable through advocacy for

This Ottawa Charter action reflects earlier public charters’ spirit through which people’s needs were recognized and acted upon. It represents fundamental strategies and approaches for health promotion and raises issues. It gives concrete examples and practical suggestions regarding how fundamental advances can be achieved and outlines countries and relevant groups’ actions.

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