Our facts are for the beni ourain carpet and some other type of carpet

Our beni ourain-matto is vibrant designs and quality traditional. These rugs are expensive and attractive. We use quality products in the beni ourain rugs. These rugs are excellent for the floor. We are given a new looking to the floor with the help of the rugs. Our azilal-matto has come with the best quality.

We use the Moroccan rug in the azilal mat. Our size for this mat is 251cm- 350cm. We use different materials is used in the azilal mat. You can osta beni ouarain is most useful in the rugs and carpets. The beni mguild –matto is helped to cover the entire floor. The rug is used in the carpet. We are using great quality products.

Marokon matto has come in different colors. We are adding texture to this carpet. This carpet is used for decorative items. This carpet is the most popular in the market. The design of this carpet is simple and geometric. Our carpet has come at an affordable price. This carpet is easy to clean and maintain. The marokon matot is extremely durable. These rugs are handmade beauty with the strongest fibers. Our Moroccan rugs are comfortable and plush for the floor. These rugs are the best in the morning.

The berber-mekko is the most beautiful. The dress of the berber is unique. The solution mixture is used in the berber dress. The tuareg mats have come in an integral part. These mats are used in the interior space.  Our result is original for these mats. The price range of this mat is €1090 — €2200.

Our vintage berberi has come in a variety of colors. We are hand-knotting construction for this berber. We use 100%wool in the vintage berber. The traditional vertical looms have come in this berber. Our berber-matto is a good choice for the carpet. The most effective material is used in the berber rug. The wool and nylon is the main material for this rug. Our rug works in a regular pattern.

The method of this rug is stain-resistant. This rug is producing two or more materials. It is specialized in regular cleaning. The floor is covered most beautifully with the help of this rug.

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