our five favorite ways to store beauty products

If you are a product lover but also an organization expert, we can feel your pain. This is a distortion of dynamics, like a tug of war competition between the lipstick supply of your life and your desire to keep space clean. But if we told you that there was a way to hide all your beauty products neatly, what would you do? Yes, according to professional makeup artist Jordan artistry and certified professional organizer Darla derrow, you can make your space feel very small without giving up your obsession with beauty products. Here are our five favorite ways to store beauty products.

Read on and learn the best way to store beauty products.

Invest in vanity

Putting your hair and makeup on your vanity will not only make you feel completely Royal, but it is also a good way to organize your products. “Having a dedicated makeup space means you can put all your good things out and see what you have at a glance when you’re ready,” dro said. Many of them have many drawers so that you can classify your products.

Use drawer organizer

Drawer organizers help group specific product types together. They also prevent your stuff from rolling around in the drawer. Artistry sells drawers because they allow you to stack your products vertically, saving space. In addition, you can buy extra clothes in many styles, so your storage space will increase with the increase of your beauty collection. win victory.

Purchase clear Organizer

We are fans of clear organizers, which can let you see your product – after all, if you can see it, you are more likely to use it, and if you can’t see it, you may not touch it. “When you’re pressed for time or stressed about important decisions, you just want to go with things, not hunting and pecking, and a clear organizer can help you do that,” drow said. “Glass bottles of different sizes are very suitable for small items in the dresser and bathroom.”

Use a mirror with a shelf

If you put your favorite thing on the mirror, it won’t be easily lost in other things you have. Let your mirror work for you and put it in the best position of your preferred hair gel or any product you like now. When you go out, such a mirror is also the best choice for you to look at it for the last time. If necessary, it can also let you polish it quickly.

Use extended shower box

It’s worth buying an adjustable shower basin with more space. You can put all your soap, shower gel, scrub, cleanser and hair care products in one place. When you classify each batch of products by shelf, the rules of the game change even more. You can also permanently install stone or corner acrylic shelves with epoxy adhesive, dro said.

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