Our Moissanite Pear Rings Are Incredibly Gorgeous to Behold

Are you planning to propose? It doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Nowadays, you’ll find modern and better alternatives to a diamond ring that will allow you to make the best memorable impression and encourage your loved one to say “yes!” But we don’t mean choosing a cheap ring with a fake gem that can pass off as a diamond. We recommend something genuine but more cost-effective and environmentally friendly, such as the moissanite pear ring. It will make your bride feel extra special and proud to wear and show off the symbol of your commitment and promise of your love to her.

What is moissanite?

Moissanite is a rare mineral that originated from a meteor that fell into Earth some 50,000 years ago. French chemist, Henri Moissan, discovered it in an Arizona crater several centuries later, thinking that the tiny crystals were diamonds as they had the same sparkle and hardness as the more popular gem. It took him eleven years to realize that it’s a type of silicon carbide.

Moissanite was a substitute for diamonds in the scientific industry, but its recreation process in a laboratory was honed recently. Now, more people can consider it an ethical, reasonably priced, and beautiful gem that surpasses diamonds in terms of brilliance and fire. Your moissanite pear ring will be durable and last forever.

Surprise her with a pear cut engagement ring

The pear cut is sometimes referred to as a ‘teardrop’ due to its similar appearance to a drop of crystal. It’s an elegant cut that gives moissanite an elongated shape to symbolize raindrops or tears of joy, with a unique silhouette that emphasizes how special the engagement ring is.

Our moissanite pear rings come in a range of one-of-a-kind and fresh designs you can customize in your preferred finish, metals, and stones. You can get a moissanite pear ring in platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold, and the central stone can be from 1.00 to 3.00 carats. Each moissanite is freshly cut and polished to ensure the best brilliance that will keep on shining for many years to come. You’ll get the ring with an authenticity certificate and a lovely box to make it more impressive and memorable on your special day.

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