Outdoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day

8D4A1053-cmykA rainy day can sometimes put a damper on getting kids outside and active. If you have kids rain boots, however, you and your children can still have a fun day with activities in the rain. If there’s a thunderstorm, stay inside. But if it’s just rain, grab the rain boots, umbrellas, and raincoats, and try one of these activities. Just remember to have towels ready for when you’re done!

Get Playful: Put on Rain Booties and Splash in Puddles

The most obvious fun activity for kids in the rain is splashing in puddles or streams. You will want the kids in raincoats, as well, to help guard against the splashes. Walk around the neighborhood or local parks to find the best puddles and streams and jump away!

Get Into Nature: Stay Dry on a Hike with Ponchos and Rubber Rain Boots

Whether it’s a wilderness trail or just around the neighborhood, dressing for the weather means you can still go out on a hike. Having rain boots kids can wear—particularly those with a traction rubber outsole—gives them more sure footing, but they should always be supervised if they go on nature trails in the rain. The trails may look different during a rainstorm, especially if they wind through forests.

Get Heroic: Teach Your Kids to Rescue Worms

On your walk around the neighborhood, the kids can help save stranded worms on sidewalks by returning them to nearby grass or dirt. If you are near a lake, pond, or stream, your kids can look for frogs or go “fishing” with a stick and some twine. Remember to dress not just for rain, but for mud! Tall rain boots, waterproof pants, and raincoats required!

Get Crafty: Race Gutter Boats

Grab some paper and practice your origami skills. Try out a few different designs of boats with different materials, such as popsicle sticks, and see how they do in a race to the gutter. Catch them before they go down the gutter and race again. If there are puddles around, see how long the boats will float. If there are no puddles or streams, grab a large, rimmed cookie sheet and let it fill with rain so you can race in it.

Get Creative: Make Mud Pies

Foster a creative imagination by helping your kids make mud pies. The basic mud pie needs water and soil, but sticks, leaves, and rocks can help add decoration. While an aluminum pie tin can help shape the mud pies, it’s not required. Of course, there are plenty of other mud items to make, such as mud castles—let their imaginations run wild!

Get Scientific: Measure the Rain

Gather cups, mason jars, water bottles, and anything else that can hold water. Set them out in the rain. Ask your kids how long they think it will take to fill each container. How much will each one fill in a minute? An hour? A day? Try it with a large measuring cup and record the results.

Get Artistic: Play with Watercolor Chalk

Outdoor chalk reacts very differently on a wet sidewalk than dry. The water causes colors to intensify and run, blurring the chalk in a watercolor-like effect. This can be done while the rain is still coming down, or afterward while the sidewalk is still damp. If your kids want to create art that they can keep and display, use food coloring and paper plates. Once the faux watercolors are mixed on the plates, bring them inside to dry.

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