Outsourcing VoIP Development Services vs. Hiring In-house VoIP Developers

Outsourcing VoIP Development Services vs. Hiring In-house VoIP Developers

Digital Competency is the new criteria that determines how your firm will survive and grow in the post-pandemic environment. The technologies and services like VoIP app development are the growth factors.

Custom VoIP development service is popular among businesses across the world. They need to adapt the VoIP technology to scale up their business communication. However, it’s still unclear if to hire VoIP experts or outsource VoIP development services. You want a tech partner with expertise in developing VoIP solutions.

Hiring In-House VoIP Developers VS Outsourcing VoIP Services

Either hire VoIP programmers on staff or outsource your complete project to a reputable VoIP development firm. To help you choose wisely, let’s discuss which option is better for developing your solution. Here are three factors to consider.

Expertise In The VoIP Technology

It’s easier to decide when you have the technical knowledge and expertise in the VoIP development technologies that will be utilized to develop your solution. If you have experience developing VoIP solutions and are adept in the technologies, you should hire VoIP specialists to assist you in developing the solution.

Contrarily, if you are new to VoIP technology, you should hire a reliable VoIP solution provider. They will help you decide and customize the solution per your business requirements.

Budget of the Project

Hiring an in-house VoIP developer will be expensive if you need to create your solution using many technologies. You will need to hire two or more VoIP developers or engage someone knowledgeable about each VoIP development technique. If Asterisk development is required 80% of the time and WebRTC development is needed 20%, you must pay both developers a 100% salary.

On the flip side, the top VoIP development service providers have a team of experts in all different VoIP technologies. They will only bill you for the necessary efforts.

Business and Project Requirements

Hire VoIP developers on-site is preferable if you plan to continue developing the product and quickly add new functionality. However, it is preferable to outsource the project to the top VoIP development company if you have a set scope of work in mind. Outsourcing is advisable if you anticipate that there won’t be many significant product changes for a few months or years.


When it comes to hiring in-house developers, you need to hire for other roles as well. After all, more resources (such as product managers, QA, and more) than just developers are involved in the product life-cycle of VoIP development. You should consider outsourcing the entire development process if you don’t want to worry about the expense and all these other roles.

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