Ovarian Cancer Stages, Survival Rate and Prognosis

If you or anyone you love gets diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it is natural to worry about survival rate, prognosis, and a possible cure. So, here are a few details to know in this regard.

What does stages mean in cancer?

To predict prognosis and plan ovarian cancer treatment in Delhi, doctors determine the cancer stage by analyzing the results of imaging scans, diagnostic tests and samples taken during surgery.

In case of ovarian cancer, doctors tend to use the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) or International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) staging system.

Four main stages of ovarian cancer and survival rates

There are four stages of ovarian cancer, out of which the first three stages are further divided into A, B, and C.

Stage I

At this stage, the cancer is found in one or both the ovaries. The prognosis is excellent at this point.

Stage 5-year Survival Rate (%)
I 90
IA 94
IB 92
IC 85

Stage 2

At stage 2, the cancer spreads into other parts of the pelvis, along with one or both the ovaries.

Stage 5-year Survival Rate (%)
II 70
IIA 78
IIB 73
IIC 57

Stage 3

The cancer is present in one or both the ovaries, along with spreading outside the pelvis to other parts of the abdomen and nearby lymph nodes.

Stage 5-year Survival Rate (%)
III 39

Stage 4

The cancer spreads beyond the abdomen to other body parts like the lungs or tissues inside the liver.

Stage 5-year Survival Rate (%)
IV 17


Early detection and proper ovarian cancer treatment in Delhi can increase the chances of survival. It is important to get regular cancer screenings done, especially in case of older women. The chances of survival are also higher in women under 65 years.

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