Overt Vs. Covert Body Armour: The Pros and Cons

Choosing the right kind of body armor is crucial. Police require adequate protection to save their life and fight anti-social elements.


When purchasing body armor, it is important to consider various factors based on the kind of threats you will be experiencing.


Body armors come in two styles: overt and covert. So, you must be confused about whether to order covert police vest or an overt police vest. Covert armor is to be worn inside the garment and the overt is worn over clothes. There are disadvantages and advantages of both vests, so you have to choose one that suits the situation you are in. Before you purchase a ballistic vest online, skim this post as we will tell you the difference between over and covert body armor. Let’s dive in!



Covert Body Armour


Covert body armor is available in light colors. It is quite thin, so it is impossible to see it under the clothing. Covert body armor is worn under the uniform, and it is manufactured using a fabric that absorbs moisture. Covert body armors are breathable and the airflow is good too.


Police officials are posted in different regions, and they get to experience different weather conditions too. Covert body armor is thin and the fabric is breathable so humidity is not an issue.


Covert body armor is ideal for those who are looking for comfort and protection. The line of work of police officials has certain discretion, so the cops and security operatives can remain undercover.


Overt Body Armor


Overt body armor is designed to wear over your clothes. These are bulkier and come in different colors as well.


You would notice these body armors are thicker than usual covert vests. They are made with a hard bulletproof panel which is good for those who are in high-risk fields such as military operations, humanitarian missions, warzone journalism, security operations, and riot control.

When you need an extra layer of protection, overt body armor is useful.

What’s Better?

Some people would say overt body armors are better, but in some cases, covert is required and much more convenient. It’s about life and death situations too. In case the situation demands you to wear an extra shield, you should go for overt body armor.

It depends on the line of work you have. You can buy both and use the best one if the situation demands higher protection or better flexibility and comfort.

The life of the police is not easy. They need to fight with criminals, catch them, put these antisocial elements in jail, and protect the inhabitants of the country.

Since the police have so much responsibility on their shoulders, they should stay well-protected. Choose the right vest for yourself or keep both.

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