Satya, a 22-year-old boy, in the final year of his graduation gets anxiety attacks every time he thinks about his mother’s death until one day, he finds himself in the company of Niru, a strange being who claims to know the answers to most burning questions of his life:

  1. Is he the reason of his mother’s demise?
  2. Will the girl he is deeply in love with, ever love him back?

He nearly escapes death in the search of his answers only to find a purpose to his life. As he determines towards it, things become more mysterious. A stranger invites Satty and his friends for a three day stay at their ashram situated on a hill. The only way to solve the mystery is to follow the stranger.

In that peculiar ashram Satty finds himself as a part of an army set up against the darker forces of the dark world. In a rush of events, he is commanded by Guruji to kill his dearest friend, Vipin. His love Shivi is also caught up in a war where only the beast or celestial could survive. Will Satya kill his friend and loose his love too? It definitely won’t end like this!




About Author:

Author Anupama Gupta is a former personality trainer, formerNational Level Sportsperson and a deep spiritual enthusiast. Her spiritual wanderings led her to read and grasp the intricacies hidden in the scriptures which she is determined to convey to all her readers through her story. Making her debut in the Fiction genre, author states this as her second book in the Shivi & Satty series. Author is very fond of ancient wisdom which she acquired from her collection of many Gitas, Rahasyas, Puranas & works of Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharya and Swami Vivekananda and also from her years of experience of meditation and vipassana. Connecting her experiences/knowledge with the studies of quantum physics/mechanics is one of her current pursuits.

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