Oxygen Therapy Benefits for Baby Boomers

Oxygen therapy is considered to be highly beneficial for older people who are suffering from respiratory illnesses. Furthermore, it is also considered to be a great way to treat COPD. Since portable oxygen concentrators have become quite common, a big number of people are now trying to figure out whether oxygen therapy is beneficial for the seniors.

So, regardless of what the effects and oxygen therapy benefits are, before getting oxygen therapy for seniors and the elderly, it is very important to consult a doctor first. You must basically have a prescription first, for using the oxygen concentrator.

Can it improve the brain function in elderly people?

Oxygen is considered to be extremely vital for the proper functioning of the brain. However, there are a number of things that are still not clear. According to some studies, oxygen therapy may increase energy metabolism in the brain. However, there is no proper medical research at the moment that would prove this. So, there is no doubt that oxygen therapy may yield a number of extra benefits. At the same time, it may also help slow aging in the elderly. However, most doctors will not support oxygen therapy for people who do not have such requirements. Furthermore, doctors say that if an elderly is physically healthy and has no respiratory ailments, then the body will have enough oxygen content.

However, elderly people who suffer from lung diseases do get a lot of benefit from oxygen therapy. This is because due to a lack of oxygen in the body, their cognitive abilities may get hindered.

Does oxygen therapy really help seniors and the elderly?

Well, for seniors who are suffering from pulmonary illnesses and lung disease, oxygen therapy may improve concentration. This is primarily because these patients usually do not have enough oxygen content in their body for proper function. As a result of this, for obvious reasons, such patients may get a lot of benefit from oxygen concentrators.

In fact, oxygen therapy is quite commonly seen at living facilities that are dedicated to seniors. In case you are wondering how to slow aging, oxygen therapy may also be beneficial in that regard.For elderly people, oxygen concentrators are far better than oxygen tanks. In general, oxygen concentrators are considered to be less portable, though.

Oxygen concentrators are devices that take oxygen from a room and concentrate it for medicinal usage. IN this procedure, the other gases that occur naturally in the air are removed. While they are less portable, their prime benefit is that they are not as expensive and don’t require any filling. On the other hand, oxygen tanks will require constant filling. At the same time, some portable versions of oxygen concentrators may also be available. Though, most of the models are actually large enough and not very portable.

In this device, oxygen gets distributed from a tank using a tube. It enters the lungs via a face mask, nasal tube, or a tube that goes into the wind pipe directly.

An alternative of oxygen concentrator is hyperbaric oxygen therapy, in a which a person breath in pure oxygen inside a pressurized chamber/room. However, both may have different setup, risks, and uses.

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