The packing for your trip to depends on the time of year you are going to Sydney, your means of travel and activities of your interest. The high season is from November to February, the summer time and outdoor activities are abundant. So, shorts, T-shirts, swimsuits, jeans and good walking shoes are essential. Because these months are hot, natural materials that breathe, such as cotton and linen, are preferable. Clothes in which you feel comfortable are the best suggested for the summers in Sydney.

If you plan on some fine dining in any of Sydney’s restaurants, you can still go casual but should opt for a collared shirt for men and a nice pant set, skirt or summer dress for women.

If you’re interested in any of the sport like if you are a biker, diver, bungee jumper, hiker, golfer, surfer or other sportspeople, pack the appropriate attire and footwear.

If you’re on a cruise and many ships sail into Sydney Harbor you’ll need to find out if formal or semi-formal nights are part of the ship’s routine. If you want to participate, pack lightly. If not, plan to have dinner in the ship’s casual restaurant on a formal night.

If you are planning to visit Sydney in other months than summer then you should carry some warm clothes with you in order to keep yourself warm and cosy on cold nights. As you are going to visit in winter season then there is no need to carry swimsuits as the water activities only start in summer. You should carry more of the formal dresses because in this season you are only subjected to enjoy the sight, restaurants, and ferry rides.

Don’t forget to take your digital cameras and video cameras along with you as you would not like to regret later on for not capturing Sydney’s beauty. Along with these don’t forget to carry adapters, batteries, photo cards, and charger. Carry a waterproof bag pack along with you to protect your electronics from water (in case if you take part in any of the water activities).

As is the case with all warm-weather travel, you should carry sunscreen and good insect repellent. In addition to packing your medicine and toiletries, pack some basic first-aid items such as cotton and bandages. Stick to the travel size items to clear the airline’s restrictions.

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